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Wadali Talav

Wadali talav is one of the most popular lakes situated close to the Chandur railroad, Amravati.

The forest surrounds the lake on all sides and contains different varieties of trees. Large amounts of freshwater are suppling to the residents through this water reservoir.

Wadali Talav – What to Explore 

It is amongst the best tourist places near  Amravati city where everyone can spend their time with friends and family.

The place provides time to relax and mind a peace as it is away from city life and you can also enjoy boating and fishing there.  

This area is developing rapidly due to the rise in its popularity. Hence, a large number of tourists visit there daily. It offers beautiful scenery, a photographic location, boating, and a fishing experience. 

The Talav is connect well with the roads & its location is almost close to the city. One can go by city bus or auto-rickshaw.


It is near Laghuvetan colony, beside SRPF road. The famous Indrashesh baba temple is beside the bank of the lake also Satpura guest house is also close to the lake. Amba Nala is also a subsidiary of this lake.

Timings        :  10AM – 7.30PM

Entry Fee      :  Rs20 for adults and Rs10 for children.

Parking Fee   :  Rs10 for two-wheeler parking(four-wheeler parking is also available).


Wadali Garden

The garden is one of the best tourist places near Amravati.

wadali garden is a good place for family vacations and best for children as there are many kids’ playing spots. Its location is very close to the bamboo garden which is  located besides the lake.

Wadali garden and its main attractions

It is best for family trips and outings, and its beautiful scenery and pleasant weather and Senior citizen come here due its calm and pleasant environment.

This garden contains various types of trees with its name boards. Park is well-maintained garden has a small canteen inside the lake area also it has many selfie points.

The main attraction is the mini train, boating in the lake and the garden with nice & clean water. Due to the good rainfall in last year’s monsoon and it is filled with a good quantity.

Location       : SRPF colony, Amravati

Timings        : 10AM – 7.30PM

Entry Fee      : 20  for adults and 10  for children.

Parking Fee  : 10 for two-wheeler parking. (four-wheeler parking is also available)


Wadali talav and the Wadali garden are the most popular tourist places in Amravati. The best time to visit here is during the monsoon season (July-Sept.). But anyone can go whenever they want of course during visiting time and enjoy with his friends and family and spend quality time with them.

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