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Hi guys, I am your host Parikshit. Do you like beautiful lakes? Let’s explore Chatri Talao in Amravati. Talao is Marathi word implies the lake.


Chatri Talao Amravati is located in the southern part of Amravati city. It was constructed in the  late 18th century. 

This lake makes this place a fascinating heritage sight with a great significance. It is a water storage body constructed in 1988 on the small spring called as Kali Nadi. 

 Lake is one of the main sources of drinking water for the local public and Amravati city. All the water from Upper Wardha Dam is the main source of water in this talao.

The surrounding area is full of green trees and medicinal plants. It’s amongst the good traveling  places near Amravati town where everyone can spend their time with family and friends.

The spot provides a moment to relax and mind a peace as it’s far from town life. You can also enjoy sailing and fishing there.


What to Explore 

This area is developing fastly due to the rise in its tourist visits.. Hence, a large number of travelers visit there daily. It offers beautiful scenes, a photographic point, boating, and a fishing experience.

 Chatri lake is having link with the roads & its position is about close to the city. One can go by city bus or car & rickshaw.

This Talao is the residence to many types black ducks, which make for a soothing sight. Especially for the traveler and local people’s rejuvenation, a theater of water bodies has been made near to it, which makes for a great place to enjoy picnics with family and visitors.

Where you can find it?

Location        : Dastur Nagar, Near Nagpur Aurangabad Highway, Amravati

Timings         : 10AM – 7.30PM

Entry Fee      :  Rs.20 for adults and Rs. 10 for children. 

Parking Fee  :  Rs.10 for two-wheeler parking. (four-wheeler parking is also available)


Hotels Near Chatri Talao 

Worry about staying here, Don’t be afraid there are many hotels to stay. You can book a hotel online or offline. Just check out below links.


Chatri Talao is the most popular tourist place in Amravati. The best time to visit here is during the monsoon season (July-Aug).You can go whenever they want of course during visiting time. And enjoy with his family and friends and spend quality time. 

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