Ambazari garden

Ambazari garden is a beautiful spot attached to a Aambazari lake and is very popular amongst Nagpurkar.

This garden spreads across 25 acres of land and is very close to NIT Nagpur. This area has large playgrounds and a lot of recreational activities.


Ambazari garden And its main attraction

This garden is one of the popular tourist places near Nagpur.

It is a good place for family vacations and best for children as there are many kids playing spots.

It is one of the best destinations for family trips, and it has beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. This garden contains various types of trees. This well-maintained garden has a small hotel inside the area.


Location       : Near Ambazari lake, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440033

Timings        : 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Entry Fee      : 10₹ for both children and adult

Parking Fee   : 10₹ for two wheeler parking and four wheeler parking is also available.



Ambazari Lake 

Ambazari lake is one of the most popular tourist places located near the southwest periphery of Nagpur, in Maharashtra state, India.

It is the largest one of the 11 lakes in the city. It is the origin of the Nag River.

This talav was built in 1870  to supply water to the city under the Bhonsle regime. The mango trees surround the talao. And mango is nothing but amba. So, talav is called Ambazari.

Ambazari lake what to Explore

Ambazari lake is amongst the best tourist places near Nagpur city where everyone can spend their time with friends and family.

People from the whole city visited here due to its pleasant environment and calm nature. Hence, a large number of tourists visit there daily. It offers beautiful scenery, a photographic location, boating, and a fishing experience. 

The backwater of the lake is a favorite spot for birds and animals. It also has an open gym that consists of various instruments for exercise.

The Lake is clean and provides a spectacular sunrise to a beautiful sunset. There is a multi-level playing area beside the lake. 

Location       :  Near Ambazari garden, Nagpur, 440033.

Timings        : 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Entry Fee      : 10 ₹ for both children and adult

Parking Fee   : 10₹ for two wheeler parking and four wheeler parking is also available.


Ambazari lake and the Ambazari garden are the most popular tourist places in Nagpur. The best time to visit here is from July-Sept. But anyone can go whenever they want and enjoy themselves with their friends and family and spend quality time with them.


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