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 Oxygen park Amravati is one of the best amusement parks in Amravati nowadays. Also the name of the place indicates its characteristics that it is all about providing natural artefacts. Hence it is best place to spend time with family and friends.


Oxygen park Amravati address and Timing and Fee:

        Old Panchavati, old bypass road, near Wadali Camp, Amravati, Maharashtra, India. 444602.

         Timing:  6am-6pm Tuesday to Sunday (Monday-Closed)

Fee :  15.00 Rs. only per person

If you wanted to join morning walk then you have to pay 250 Rs. per month.

What to explore in Oxygen park Amravati:

    There are many things to explore in Oxygen garden Amravati. When we enter the oxygen garden Amravati, there is a long way around which, greenery is present which designed well and colorful benches are present for sitting purposes. Now there is a focal point of this oxygen park which is designed as; An artwork model. There is ‘lady tree’ inside that ‘lady tree’ there is a baby. All the artwork gives a message, just like  a mother looks after her children, likewise nature looks after us. 

There is a pond filled with water. In the water there are many aquatic plants including colorful lotuses and near the pond, there are some artificial animals such as ducks, Cheetah

         In Oxygen garden Amravati there are many types of artificial animals like Jaguar, Bulls, bullock cart, eagle, etc.

         The large ‘Shoe house’ is present as we can go inside, from there the view looks very beautiful. 

                    Many species of trees and plants are present in Oxygen park Amravati. Not only the variety of trees but also a variety of birds are present. People come here with their loved ones to refresh their soul and enjoy a lot as well as tools for children are present so that children can fully enjoy themselves. Greenery is present everywhere. In fact many statues are present which show a very powerful message to people. We can visit in any season but the best time for visiting Oxygen park is after the rainy season. 


Benefits of Visiting Oxygen Garden

     Spending time in such types of parks or gardens like Oxygen garden Amravati improves immunity, lowers blood pressure, improves health, increases mood, promotes healthy lifestyle, relaxes mind, relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety, enhances psychological well-being and etc. 

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