Insights of Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden – As per name suggested wherever your eyes go you can see a different kind of bamboos around you. The scenic beauty, greenery, all these astonishing environments attract people. The bamboo garden also is known as Amusement Park situated in Amravati, Range Forest Office Wadali, old Bypass Road Camp. Bamboo Garden was established in the year 2017.

As per research,
China has 340 species of bamboo, India has such 134 species and Maharashtra is the highest bamboo growing State and its largest and most famous bamboo nursery is known as Wadali that is Bamboo Garden. Bamboo Garden is one of the attractions places of tourists because this is the only place where we can see more than 63 species of bamboo and 300 species of cactus all over in India.

Cactus garden is one of the highlights where you will see quite a few varieties of cactus plants. And if it is a blooming season you will be elated to see the beauty coming out of thrones. It is such a peaceful place, where you can enjoy with your loved ones, family and friends. Bamboo garden is full of natural beauties, tourist especially comes for a photoshoot, from last few years Pre-wedding shoot is in trend, the bamboo garden is the most favorite and perfect place for this.

It is a place where everything is built using bamboos. In the future, they are dreaming of making unusual products from the bamboo-like shirt, medicines, as well as pickles and many more. There are adventure sports for adults and kids which is a major attraction in the bamboo garden. There are 20 ft high sky-wall and also series of many other fun and adventure activities. The entry fee for the bamboo garden is only 20 Rs. which is a very small amount but once you visit you may experience that it is really a pleasant place and opening time is 8 am-7 pm.

I want to share my experience with the bamboo garden when I went for the first time I was very excited. After entering through the entry gate there is one entrance gate which is made up of bamboos and you won’t imagine how beautiful it is we have spent almost half an hour there only in clicking photos. Then moving on the next spot they have built one bamboo bridge that was also very beautiful for photo-shoot. Then we have seen all the spots and played adventure sports that were very enjoyable.

If you ask me about the maintenance of the garden, they have managed each and everything of garden flawlessly. There is one nursery section of bamboos. And lastly, I would say, if you wanted to enjoy your day in the bamboo garden then you have to ready for a walk because this garden is spread over a large area and I must say everyone should visit the bamboo garden at least once.


  • Protects the surrounding environment during typhoons due to its height
  • It generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.
  • Helps mitigate water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption
  • Reduces runoff, prevents massive soil erosion;
  • An effective erosion control plant and natural control barrier due to its widespread root system and large canopy.