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Places to visit in Alibaug

The Alibag is a coastal town. Just south of Mumbai, in western India. It is known for its beaches like alibaug beach and varsoli beach. Just offshore, the 17th-century Colaba fort has carvings of tigers and elephants and temples dedicated to Hindu gods.

In the south, the Portuguese – build korai Fort dates from 1521 and includes a lighthouse.  The Island’s fort of Janjira has a high wall, turrets, and cannons. Alibaug is a beachside town in the Raigad that is surrounded by an Arabian sea. It is only 100 km from Mumbai.

Places to visit in Alibaug

Here are some famous places to visit.

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Kolaba Fort
  • Varsoli Beach
  • Kihim Beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Janjira Fort
  • Brahma Kund
  • Karmarkar Museum

Places To Visit In Alibaug

1. Alibaug Beach

Alibaug beach is not only famous for its picturesque beauty but not only for its rich history and its beauty making the one of the most popular places to visit in alibaug. You can take a boat trip down the coastline, which offers spectacular views of the Kolaba Fort.

It is a great beach to spend a relaxing time while admiring the Arabian Sea sunset views, as well as the magnitude of the Kolaba Fort.

The uniqueness of the beach is that the sand lies beneath its coarser black counterpart and the landscape’s peculiar sight is enhanced by the rocks around it. While a very romantic spot for couples who want to have a beach date.

2. Kolaba Fort

Kolaba fort is surrounded by the deep waters of the Arabian sea from all sides. Thus was originally Maharashtra’s main naval base during Shivaji Maharaj’s reign. However the fort has two main entrances, one on the seaside and the other near Alibaug, with an average height of 25 feet. You will have to wade across the water at low tide if you visit this fort during the monsoon season.

It fascinates the ancient history and its importance which attracts the tourist who visits there because it offers the lovely tranquil water scenery of Alibaug beach. A delightful sea breeze, together with the fort’s history, enchants your feelings to no end. The sculptures of elephants, peacocks, and tigers on the fort walls bring attention to centuries of history.

3. Varsoli Beach

After Alibaug beach, Varsoli beach is the second most popular place. When planning a trip to Alibaug, many people prefer to visit this tourist attraction because it is less crowded than other beaches. It is well-known for its adorable cottages, resorts, and luxury hotels that overlook the enticing Arabian Sea.

Staycations are available at several high-end resorts and estates. The shiny white sand coupled with the calm waters of the sea and surrounded by numerous palm,suru, and casuarina trees.

It is known for a variety of watersports that are carried out under expert instruction. At Varsoli beach, you may participate in a range of adventure activities in Alibaug, including banana boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing, and riding a motorcycle against the raging waves of the Arabian Sea.

Places to visit in Alibaug

1. Kihim Beach

This  Beach is mainly famous for its large number of coconut trees and pollution-free and fresh air to breathe. It is one of the nearby places to visit in Alibaug located 12 km from Alibaug.

The beach is covered in beautiful white sand, with a variety of shells spread everywhere. Trees and wildflowers flourish in this area. Lovely migratory and resident birds also flock to the Kihim beach, found in plenty.

Everyone will find something to their liking at Kihim Beach. Because the beach is not yet fully developed and hence unpolluted, you can participate in a variety of interesting and enjoyable activities.

There is no better way for adventure seekers to enjoy themselves than by participating in water sports and recharging their batteries with new thrills and energy. Aside from water sports, horseback riding, beach biking, and jeep-pulled parachute rides are all available.

2. Murud Beach

The Murud beach, which is one of the most popular places for tourists in Alibaug, is often crowded and bustling with activity. This beach, located in Dapoli, is recognized for its magnificent views of the surrounding environment as well as adventurous water activities.

Unless you’re lucky, you might even get to see a few friendly dolphins while you’re here! Parasailing, banana boat rides, and more exhilarating water sports activities are available here.

This is also horseback riding offered. Various cafes have a few local food delicacies like seafood dishes, coconut, and sweet corn. The fort of Murud Janjira in the background enhances the splendor of this beach.

3. Janjira Fort

In the 17th Century, Murud Janjira Fort was originally a wooden structure, which was later rebuilt by Sidi Sirul Khan. Thus the fort is a true masterpiece in terms of architecture. A stone sculpture in the central corridor represents six elephants being caught by a wild tiger, a symbol of the Siddis’ bravery.

The structure still has 23 huge cornerstones that are 30-40 feet tall. However mysterious fort is built on an island off the shore of Murud beach. While wandering the fort, all in all, you may enjoy the limps of the sunrise and sunset. Thus it’s a thrilling adventure that you’ll enjoy while snapping some Instagram-worthy photographs. You should visit this fort if you’re traveling along Maharashtra’s Konkan coast.

Places to visit in Alibaug

1. Brahma Kund

Along with the beautiful beaches and ancient forts, this is one of the significant places to visit in Alibaug, it also has religious importance. Divinely known as Brahma Kund constructed in 1612.

Thus holy pilgrimage is approximately 20 kilometers from Alibaug. Shiva Pool and Brahmas Kund are two kunds that are bordered on all sides by steps. According to legend, when Lord Brahma bathed Lord Krishna, the water in the kunds was gathered by building walls.

2. Karmarkar Museum

Karmarkar Museum is the most important place to visit in Alibaug for the person who likes sculptures and historical art. These 23 are about 150+ beautiful carved sculptures made by Mr. Nanasaheb Karmarkar.

Museum holds statues of different sizes and weights and structures. Then is an excellent place to study artworks and carvings for students of arts. In this museum, there are roughly 200 sculptures, with Hira Kolin and Shankhdhwani being the most well-known.

Places to visit in Alibaug

After that alibaug or alibi, is a token Maharashtrian suburb and is the second home of many celebs. Thus the conclusion, we can draw from this discussion that Alibaba offered a great neighborhood, a prime residential area, and famous beaches.

Thus Great visitors like to travel in October, November, December, January, and February to enjoy the weather and the sea area.



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