What’s wrong with Indian politics the history of the country of India is as diverse as ancient. Since writing is the focus of a particular category, It appears to be monotonous. The common man is still in a state of turmoil as it is a mix of fantasy and mythology.

Social status has become worse due to the subject of fiction writing. Due to the writing from a particular group, the heterogeneous social system has been imposed on the majority of the population. As a result, thousands of cases have been divided in this country along with different religions and the castes still survive.

This country has faced many invasions only with the benefit of a divided society. Its culmination is that this country has had to live in slavery for hundreds of years. The country has been enslaved for many years under foreign rules such as the Mughals, the Portuguese and the Britishers. Even though we had fought a great war against the British rule, it was easy for us to gain independence even as the British lost their grip on World War II.

Despite independence, the country has not been able to make social progress at the desired pace. Because the political system here was also based on religion and ethnicity. Elections were contested on ethnic issues. In recent times, this fact is getting darker. After independence, the country adopted the constitution of the Republic of India in the year1949. One of the great features of this Republic was the democratic way of electing the representatives of the general public through the elections. Many characteristics of a citizen, a vote, the right to vote, the freedom of choice of representatives are seen in the republican system.

The constitution is the highest position has adopted a secular state. Despite all these provisions in the constitution, India’s democracy could not reach the expected heights as the actual masses were conservative. The country which is divided into thousands of castes could not be politically united. The country that has suffered for hundreds of years of foreign slavery is still not out of that mindset. Indian democracy has a multilateral system.

The majority of political parties appear in our country. While this arrangement is appropriate for a strong democracy, the growing number of regional parties is alarming. The main basis for contesting elections is religion, caste, region. Whatever the candidate the public is Prefer to vote for caste candidate. This is fatal to democracy. Elections are contested on the basis of money. Opponents are criticized at the very bottom of the campaign. Money mafia and the media are misused. There was bullying. Voters are threatened.

This affects the voting process. It is not that the right candidate is chosen. Voters have been using NOTA more recently. This is significant. Because of the elections in a very polluted environment Qualified but talented people do not get into politics. This is a huge loss of democracy. People just vote for a candidate to get a bottle of wine. Therefore, people are equally responsible for weakening democracy.

In this regard, there is a need for enlightenment. The opposition is also important in a democracy. For good governance, the opposition plays an important role in controlling the government, but in recent times the opposition has appeared to be very weak. The political goal seems to be to keep the people occupied with religion, religious asymmetry, fear of foreign invasion, and to consolidate power more and more. Therefore, the ruling party has been able to divert the attention of the general public from the main issue.

Opponents are also protesting only for the opposition. Many political families are appearing in politics. The people have also become accustomed to this dynasty. Because the monarchy is in the blood of the people. You need to get out of this as soon as possible. Recent politics seem to be moving away from the general public. Power has become a means of making money. Within five minutes, a bill for the allowances of MPs is passed.

They are given a pension. Already rich, these people are involved in facilitating the next generations. They are not opposed. The money spent on elections is earned several times after being elected. Thus in the present case, Indian politics has reached a very low level. Even in a drought, propaganda politics is done. The enormous desire for power is reflected in politics. Religion, temples, and reservations are being made political asymmetries. Constitutional institutions are being dismantled at our convenience.

If we want to get out of all this, the conservatives, secularists, intellectuals of the society should come forward to put aside their isolation and promote the masses of the people. Saving democracy and strengthening should be considered as the goal of life. Especially the coming generation should be enlightened. Let us dream of a strong, prosperous India.