Tapovan Amravati

Tapovan Amravati is a well- known place which is situated in Amravati, Maharashtra. Mainly this place is for those who were rejected by their families due to leprosy or the peoples who get affected and suffering from leprosy.

It is a place founded by Padmashree Dr. Shivajirao Ganesh Patwardhan. He is also known as Dajisaheb. We can say that Tapovan is a gift from him to those who are surviving from the leprosy kind of disease and lost their hopes and limbs by the disease. This helps them to rehabilitate and even makes them independently giving them work and also provide training to those people and make sure they can survive and be independent.

At this time, 400+ patients are living there, including children. Brief information about Dr.Shivajirao G. Patwardhan. If we talk about him, he born on 28th December 1892 in a small village called Assange of Jamkhandi District in Karnataka. He lost his parents when he was a kid and so that he left the place with his sister. He completed his pre-university education at Pune in 1914.


He completed his diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Kolkata. He worked for 18 months as an intern for Ramkrishna mission. When he was in Pune, he came in contact with leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Tilak and Gopal Ganesh Agarkar. And his contribution is very big at the time of freedom war.

He was there in Salt Agitation and Quit India movement. After that, he gets arrested in Shivani Jail. The thought to start something for Leprosy survivals came to his mind when he was in jail and there were so many leprosy-affected peoples he saw. That was a time he decided to do something for the leprosy patients. According to him, the treatment of disease is more than its cure.

Dr. Partawardhan’s legacy:

Dr.Patwardhan was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s approach after that he decided to work for it and to start the rehabilitation of leprosy patients. After the independence of India, on 26th In September 1950 he started “Vidarbha Maharogi Seva Mandal” in Amravati, Maharashtra. It was inaugurated by Shri Vinoba Bhave. He struggled a lot to start this organization.

He has obtained 450 acres of land from donors also he sold out his farm to build this organization. Later he explained all the nature of work in Tapovan to Gandhiji when they were in Sevagram. At that time Gandhiji suggested him to start working on rehabilitation also along with it they decided to give them work opportunities. So they gave different pieces of training for the different Jobs.

Later on in Tapovan itself, Dr. Patwardhan created work opportunities for the peoples who lived there. There are different sections where people work on. Hospital available where treatments are going on. And so much development happened in past years. Everything is available inside the gate which is needed in day to day life.


In short, now Tapovan Amravati is not just a rehabilitation center but It’s like a small village where the hospital, small industries, training center, temple, gardens are available for the people who live there…! It’s an environment like heaven.. everywhere there is greenery.. and a very cool atmosphere..!! It’s one of the true work of humanity. I suggest those who want to do something for society ..go and visit once to this place…and the condition of these people who live there.

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