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Here we have written an Article on How to Save Earth – India, The 2ND most populated country in the world, where time is changing day by day, our lifestyle is also changing day by day & our mentality towards nature is also degrading. This is the major issue we are facing now and our future generations will have to face even worst situations. What Did You Do To Save The World Today?

The most popular and accentuate topic or we can say the most trending topic is “PLASTIC” or “NATURE/ENVIRONMENT”.

So what is the condition of our earth ???

Is it good or bad ???

The answer can be “The Earth is in danger”.

Yes, it is because we all know what circumstances there are around us and what we all are doing for it. Everything and that is the biggest fault/crime we all doing today.

What’s the point of our education; our degrees? If we still throw the garbage or plastics on the streets, that is ultimately picked up by a “UNEDUCATIONAL PERSON” working.

If education is teaching us to throw Garbage/Plastic anywhere, spoiling the environment, and harming the ecosystem then gentlemen we have taken the wrong education.

The way Men take care of body odoodourr by carrying sticks in their pockets And Women carcarryrying lipsticks in purses and look perfect and clean, likewise, the Earth/nature alrequiresso require to stay Good……Clean.

I Love My Home… Same As…I Love My Planet “CLEAN”

Because it’s all That nature wants from us. We all do not understand the consequence or outcome, of what could happen in a few years.
Imagine if trees Gave Off WIFI Signals, We would be Planting so many Trees and we’d probably Save the Planet ToooToo……


Too Bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe this is what we think …

We all are becoming self-centred day by day and that selfishness will plastic garbage be going to destroy us. Tons of problems are faced like health issues by humans as well as animals all because of plastic/plastic garbage.

 Save Earth Article was written with the vision to aware each & every person about our surroundings

The unspeakable animals are facing complications because they consume the plastics which we throw anywhere and they eat and ingest unknowingly.

We all know Plastics are non-biodegradable, it causes soil pollution as well as water pollution, and air pollution.

Indirectly generating problthem s tofor our ecosystems.


Let’s Think about How To Save Earth Today?

So, stand up and take action against it. Elevate your opinion Say no to Plastics Bags.

“ Go Green For GREEN”

While going shopping takers owns bags to carry the materials, especially when purchasing vegetables. Instead of purchasing plastic bottles (water) at railway stations or anywhere, there should be a “HYDRATION STATION” so that people can fill up their containers instead of throwing them out them or purchasing the new ones. Because “NO PLASTICS MAKES THE EARTH FANTASTIC”.


What’s Missing???


So, people, it’s high time to make the earth give its own life or we can say it’s paid back time for us and redeem it.

We Hope You Found Our Save Earth Article Useful!

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