“You love him or hate him but, you can’t ignore him.”

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose A single man with many names such as revolutionary Leadership, Netaji, Charismatic Personality, Mystery Man, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

I don’t have enough words to explain his great leadership. You think it’s an exaggeration, but believe me, it’s true. Because never judge a book by its cover! So let explore the life of Netaji Bose.

Early age Leadership Traits of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

“Baby’s feet are visible in a cradle.”

The day was 23rd January 1897 when a revolutionary personality and example of leadership was born. His parents, mother Prabhavati Dutta Bose (Housewife) and father Janakinath Bose (an Advocate) have 14 children and Subhash was the 9th child of them.

At the age of 5 years, in January 1902 Subhash was admitted to the Protestant European School in Cuttack. Then in 1909, he shifted to the Ravenshaw Collegiate School. Subhash was a very brilliant and genius student, his headmaster also appreciated his brilliance.

Till the age of 16, he was influenced by the teaching of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, after reading about their work.
In those days the sloppy behavior of Britishers and the results of World War influenced his thinking because the Britishers in Calcutta often insulted Indians in public places. Subhash always gets hurt because of their behavior.

His revolutionary behavior comes to light, at his college. When he beat one of the British Professor Mr. Oaten, for insulting Indian culture and making bad comments about India. That time, the people who were present there learned that a great name will be soon added to the list of Indian Freedom Fighters.

Netaji’s Education

 He went to England for the study of the ICS (Indian Civil Service) Examination to fulfill the wish of his father. Other students took around 4 years of study to qualify ICS exam but Subhash qualified for that tough exam within 1 year.

But the ICS exam is underemployment of Britishers, it like the slavery of Britishers, so that he resigned from that position on 23rd April 1921. By doing such an act he expressed his anger about the British government.

Later, Subhash started his newspaper “Swaraj”, to aware people of Independence and also create anger about Britishers in people’s minds.

Subhash started working with his mentor Chittaranjan Das who is famous for his aggressive nationalism in Bengal. In this period, he achieved many milestones, sometimes also went to jail too. But he never stops the history created on 29 December 1928. When Bose comes out with an army of 2,000 soldiers marching around the road of Calcutta. It was totally shocking moment for the British government because ordinary Indians comes out with fully armed soldiers at the square of Calcutta.

When reporters asked Gandhi about this incident Gandhi points it as “Circus”!!!

Incredible Marriage Story

“Love didn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger.”

In the beginning, Subhash gets many marriage proposals, due to his brilliance and charismatic personality he is the center of attraction among girls and their parents. But, Subhashrejects everyone, because he believes that he has already tied a knot to his job as a freedom fighter of India.

After some years, around in 1933 Subhashmake rumor about his health issues to hide from Britishers and went to Austria for writing his book. In Austria, he meets Emilie Schenkel who was Austrian catholic woman born in Vienna. Due to her good typing skill and English, Bose hired her for writing his book named The Indian Struggle.

Emilie was very kind and good-hearted, Bose was impressed by her kind nature. At that time a German woman can’t marry a non-German man, it is crime. But still, Subhash marries Emilie Schenkel.

Congress Presidency and differences with Congress

” Freedom is not given, it is taken.”

Subhash Chandra Bose was among straightforward freedom fighters, who clearly present their views. Bose thought that if we want freedom so we have to be aggressive, but Gandhi’s views are different, Gandhi was in support of non-violence.

Bose and Gandhi both ideologies are different, but their goal is the same i.e. Freedom. Gandhi gets disappointed when Bose fills up the nomination form of congress presidency Gandhi appoint his candidate Pattabhi Sitaramayya, a political leader and activist of Andhra Pradesh.

But still, in 1939 Subhash was elected for congress presidency. Because of the lostGandhibroke from inside and said that it was he lose and he will have left Congress. Those who follow Gandhi also left congress and some other ministers refused to work under Subhash leadership, due to their bad behavior Bose can’t do his work properly. So, at last, he resigned from congress’s presidency.

On 22 June 1939 Subhash Chandra Bose form a new party All India Forward Block to be free to do his work. Many Bose supporters who love to work under his leadership joined the forward block.

Let me clarify once again, Bose resigned from congress no one fire him.

When Freedom Fighter Meets Dictator

“Give me blood and I will give you Freedom.”

For protesting against Britishers he is being kept under detention in his own house.

Bose realized that if we continue with that speed then till the upcoming ten years we can’t get independent and also he has differences with congress. Congress is against violence, but Subhash knows no real change in history can be achieved by discussions. so we have to do something big.

Subhash remembered the dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler, who is the enemy of Britishers, and the enemy’s enemy is our friend. Subhash hoped that Hitler will help him, but first of all he has to escape from detention.

From some days before of escaped he get into solitude and stop meeting British guards and other people. Finally, on 16 January 1941 in late-night Bose escaped from a house in a different disguise.

Then this Optimist person traveled to Peshawar, Afghanistan, Moscow, Rome and after many obstacles finally reached Germany. He grows a beard during traveling to hide his real identity.

The main motive is to meet Hitler, ask for a favor i.e. with the help of the German Army Subhash planned to attack Britishers and give freedom to India.
Subhashbelieved that Hitler may help him because Hitler already struggled in World War II and if they help each other in War, then it creates a “Win-Win” situation.

From those prisoners, Bose started to build an army for the fight against Britishers this army is known as “Azad Hind Fauj” or “Indian National Army”.
That’s the time, Subhash Chandra Bose became INA leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Death Mystery

“It is our duty to pay for our Liberty with our own blood.”

This man was like a magician. Throughout his life, he succeeds in tricking the British government. This person was a mystery.

His death was also a mystery. According to records, Netaji’s death occurred in a plane crash on 18 August 1945 in Formosa. At that time many supporters, mainly in Bengal refused to accept the death of Netaji, they all believe that Netaji was alive and dramatize his death to trick the British government. Some people said, “That day none of the planes take off, then no any reason of plane crashing!” Many rumors get spread, within a few hours of death.


After a few days of a death, another news comes that Netaji was alive and live in Russia but none of the evidence was found.

The Gumnami Baba:

Some years after Netaji’s death, the death mystery has been revolved around Faizabad-based Babaji i.e. Gumnami Baba. Most of the people who meet him told that Babaji was none other but Netaji.

Babaji never came in public and while talking with people he always hides behind the curtains. After the death of Babaji when their things were checked there are many similarities found between Babaji and Netaji. Indian government appoints a commission for investigation but, they can’t prove that Babaji and Netaji was the same person.

Netaji: Charismatic Leadership of India

“One individual may die for an idea;
but that idea will after his death,
incarnate itself in a thousand lives.”

There are two types of people in the world i.e. first one who lives for himself and dies. Second who live for others and die, but such people put their footmarks on the page of history. Netaji Bose was the second type of person, who made many under his leadership and give a different angle to the struggle for freedom.

Netajiteaches Indians to fight back against injustice. At the early age of life, he has enthusiasm as well as has the sense to take the right decision. Netaji did every task cleverly like he marched an army of 2,000 soldiers on the street of Calcutta without knowing the British government or persuading a dictator like Hitler.

In mid-time, due to his aggressive ideology differences create between Bose and Congress. Also, Gandhi refused to support Netaji, but he never staggered because Netaji believed in himself. Subhash was never fascinated about Congress’s presidency, so that’s why he resigned from Congress. Bose made people in his leadership and continue his fight for freedom but he never gave up.

Vision of Netaji

Netaji Bose is from that great freedom fighter who only knows to live for the nation and die for the nation.

Today Netaji was not with us, but he always stays in our hearts. Today India is an independent nation because of him and other freedom fighters who sacrifice their life for the nation. Now it is our duty to protect Bharat Mata and make them feel proud.

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