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The ICC cricket world cup is the biggest tournament in the world.The first ICC cricket world cup match is held between the India Vs England in Lord’s on 7 june 1975. This biggest sport event organised by the sport’s governing body by ICC board in every Four year.First ICC cricket  world  match held in England in 1975 And next ICC cricket world cup is held in India in 2023 And lastest ICC world cricket match held in England ,Wales in 2019.ICC is the one day international format (ODI).In 1975 England first icc cricket world match held as a series of one day match is 60 per over to both side.

Then after in India and pakistan world match come then it’s reduce form 60 to 50 over match in 1987.The team australia is first team how win three conductive  match of ICC cricket world cup in 1999,2003,and 2007.Austrial is the first team played most matches in ICC world cup(94)them New zealand is second team who play most matches in ICC world (89)And third is team india (84).

There are ten team played in ICC cricket world cup.And this ten team place in same group and every team have to play nine match .The team australia win the five time ICC trophy.and then India and west Indies win twice ICC trophy and while pakistan,sri Lanka and england win once ICC trophy.

Format of the Cricket World Cup

In 2019 ICC cricket world cup there is group stage all 10 teams(India , England, Australia,New Zealand, South Africa,Sri Lanka, west Indies, Bangladesh, Afghanistan,) have to play agains each other to qualify in ICC cricket world cup final.After playing 45 matchs finally we get our top four team which is meet in quality groups.And tge team that which win the qualify group that two team meet in the final and then we get our ICC cricket champion team.

In 2019 there are four team which qualify for the final (India, England, Australia,New Zealand) this four team qualify.Team India Vs New Zealand And Australia Vs England. Pakistan also there in the race of qualifications but they don’t do qualifications because of the net run rate.So the New Zealand qualified for the ICC cricket world cup 2019.and became Fourth team to qualify in world cup.

India beat by the New Zealand in world cup semi final and became the first team that get entry in the world cup final of 2019.Amd there England beat Australia and england became the second team to get entry in the world final 2019.This icc cricket world cup final is play in Lord’s , england.England were the champion of the ICC cricket world cup 2019.

Rules and Regulations:

Bat:-  Overall the length the bat shall not be more than the 38in/92.52cm.The bat blade also have some rules as follows….

Width:- 4.25in / 10.8cm

Depth:-2.64in /6.7cm

Edges:-1.56in /4.0cm

Ball:- The weight should be not less than 5.5 ounces/155.9g,or more than 5.57ounces/163g and it’s circumference is not less than 81.8in/22.4cm,or more than 9in/22.9 cm.Each fielding team have the new ball for innings,that ball where use as alternative as per over change.

Players:- each captain played 11 player in the match plus 4 maximum substitute player in writing to the ICC referee before the toss.No first eleven team members can be changed after the nominated without consent of the opposite captain.If the team captain want to change a player and bring the substitute player on the group than he want to take a permission of the umpire.

Umpires:- umpire is the most important person of the match.If the fielding team captain is not satisfied form the umpires then fielding team captain can review to the third umpire.Players in any innings should not waste time in any way. If they do that the umpire first warns the Captain of the offending team and if it continues then five runs are awarded for the other team.

Hit twice:- the ball twice A player can attempt to hit the ball twice to prevent it from hitting his/her stumps, but not if doing so prevents a catch being taken (in which case they would be out obstructing the field). The bowler does not get credit for the wicket.

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