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The article Amravati Lakes & Flamingos In Town – You Won’t Miss A Thing contains lakes and towns in Amravati. In The Indian State of Maharashtra, there is a city named “Amravati”. 

Amravati is one of the most popular cities in the Vidarbha Region and the second-largest city in Maharashtra. 

It is said that the name Amravati is Ambanagari. Marathi is the most articulate language in the district. The Acclaimed places to visit in Amravati are Ambadevi Temple, Chatri talao, Wadali Talao, Sri Venkateshwar Swamy, Temple Amravati Lakes, And Flamingos In Town.

Among all these, the lakes in Amravati are quite notable for Birdwatching, small picnics, visiting, photography, etc. Amravati city surrounds by many lakes out of which only a few are known by the people.

1. Chatri Lake or Chatri Talao
2. Wadali Lake
3. Sawanga Lake
4. Kekatpur Lake
5. Jalka Lake
6. Shevati Lake
7. Sawardi Lake

Chatri Lake:

Chatri Lake is a very famous lake in Amravati and well known for Tourism, Bird Watching and other leisure activities. Early the water supply is from chatri lake, now it has been from upper Wardha. From the study it is that lots of migratory birds come to this lake like Siberia, Russia, Africa comes with migration.

Sambhar, Chital sees here in the evening while drinking water. But, now due to human intervention (Ganesh Chaturthi) it is effecting the count (numbers) of birds.
Distance: From Badnera-Amravati To Chatri Lake
7.1 km Distance: From Amravati To Chatri Lake 5.1 Km

Kektapur Lake:

Kekatpur Lake is located on Morshi Road near Sophia. The lake is natural and it totally depends on the rainfall. The Sophia company near it does not harm the lake, but a little bit disturbs the habitat of birds. In these lakes, we can see birds like Starks.
Distance: From Badnera-Amravati To Kektpur Lake 38Km Distance: From Amravati To Kekatpur Lake 29 Km

Wadali Lake:

Wadali Lake is one of the prominent place in Amravati and specially known for “bamboo Garden”. The place is very vibrant and has become a tourist destination nowadays. Many people go there for Boating, small picnics, photography.

And there are different types of bamboo’s available. But beyond all this, there comes many migratory birds and ducks. But slowly the habitat is lost because the place is becoming crowded and it disturbs the environment out there.
Distance: From Badnera-Amravati To Wadali Lake – 13Km
Distance: From Amravati To Wadali Lake – 4.7Km

Jalka Lake And Sawardi Lake:

Jalka Lake and Sawardi Lake both are different lakes and located on Nagpur Road (MIDC). The lakes are natural and depend on rainfall. But due to summer, it has been completely dried out.

The habitat has been totally lost. Wild dog, Leopard had been seen there and many birds also.
Distance : From Badnera , Amravati To Jalka Lake – 31KM
Distance : From Amravati To Jalka Lake – 24Km

Sawanga Lake:

Sawanga Lake is on Malkhed Road, Amravati. It is one of the largest lakes in Amravati. The lake is bird watching and many migratory birds come to the lake by migration. The fishing activities done throughout the year and boating also.

The birds like Goose, Sandpipers can be seen, Sambhar and chital observes there. And the most important thing is, Flamingos has visited the lake in the year 2011 &2014. This year in 2019, it was a momentous time in the Amravati city as Flamingos have arrived in Town.

Flamingos are one of the most Prepossessing birds with willowy (lean) legs, long elegant necks, short tails, and large wings.
Many birdwatchers from Amravati visited the sawanga lake and the observation was done.

Distance: From Amravati To Sawanga lake – 24Km

Interesting Facts About Flamingos:

  • Flamingos this word has come from the Spanish and Latin word Flamenco which exactly means Fire and is associated with the bright color of the bird’s feathers.
  • They aren’t often seen flying but they certainly can, just like other birds. They are good swimmers, they consume a large amount of blue and green algae which helps in keeping the water clean and they have that kind of digestive system set up for this type of consumption.
  • Not all the flamingos have bright Pink colors some of them are Gray or White. The solidity or strength of Flamingos’ coloration comes from their diet. The young ones are Gray at the beginning, they take 3 years to reach their mature color.
  • They breathe air, but have an amazing capacity to hold the breath while they are under the water forging for the food.
  • Flamingos have a wide span of about 20-30 years. In captivity, they have lived up to 40 years.
  • They sleep and that can do so by standing or laying down. They have the capability of sleeping with one leg and later shift the weight to the other one without waking up. It assumes that a portion of their brain sleeps at a time, so that they don’t lose their balance.
  • They live in a variety of habitat locations. They can live in both mountains as well as in flat regions.

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