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  • Introduction About Indian Premier League:-

    The Indian Premier League(IPL) has been entertaining people over the past years and it’s one of the world’s biggest tournaments. Indian Premier League (IPL) is the battle for the playoff against 8 teams from different parts of the country, so many young Indian cricketers take opportunities to showcase their cricketing skills and they take advice from experienced players.

     IPL is a perfect treat during summer. In this tournament, it is only one tournament where even the young over players take opportunities to showcase their cricketing skills. Many foreign players were immediately selected for their good performance in the IPL. 

    When Maxwell is a good example from Australia. During the auction of the 11th edition of the IPL, players from Nepal, and Afghanistan were bought by different franchises. More popular players like M.S Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, etc., and favorites among the people through the IPL.

     Rajasthan Royals were the Winners of the 1st edition of IPL. Now Mumbai Indians are the only team to have 3 IPL titles under them and both Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders have 2 IPL titles under them these three teams are the most entertaining in the IPL.

     The Royal Challengers Bangalore are the most entertaining team and run this team only with full of star players. Though they reached the finals many times, they did not win an IPL title and they are surely looking forward to lifting the 11th edition cup.

    IPL is one of the true factors which always keeps everyone entertained and engaged. Many cricket fans are always waiting for the IPL. Because the IPL season brings out positive vibes in all of us and the world is looking forward to the 1ST edition to start as soon as possible.


    Some Basic Important Scenarios About 2020 Indian Premier League:-

    A 20-20 cricket league i.e. the Indian Premier League held during March or April and May every year. The founder of this league was none other than the Board of control for cricket in India (BCCI). It holds in the year 2008. 

     Background of IPL:-

    The Indian cricket league (ICL) was founded in 2007, with the sponsorship provided by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The ICL was not recognized by the BCCI or ICC (Indian cricket council) and BCCI were not pleased with its committee members joining the ICL executive board to prevent players from joining the ICL, the BCCI increased the prize money in their domestic tournament.


     It includes:-

    •    Tournament Formats 
    •    Player acquisition, squad composition, and salary
    •    Match rules
    •    Prize money all this are most important role play in the overall IPL session


    Awards Allocated for 2020 Emerging Players of IPL Tournament


    • Orange Cap: 

    The orange cap is awarded to the top run scorer in the IPL during a season


    • Purple Cap:

    The top wicket-taker is awarded the purple cap in the IPL during a season.

    Overall awarding to this season’s organization is to be an opportunity for players to know and understand opposition customs and cultures. The IPL is not Mainstream cricket, it is more entertaining than cricket.


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