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Icc Events

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The ICC runs a number of events and tournaments such as the “World Cup“, “Champions Trophy”, “World twenty20”, “Under 19 World Cup”, “Intercontinental cup”, and “World cricket league” and “Super-series”.The first world cup was organized in 1975 in England.

As a success of the World Cup event, The ICC trophy was launched in 1979 for all ICC associate members. The first champions trophy was played in 1998 and in 2004 The intercontinental cup.

In 2005, ICC held Super series between world Eleven and Australia and it was largely criticized. The first twenty20 WORLD CUP took place in South Africa, in 2007. Later ICC merged with the Women’s Cricket Council in 2005 and take responsibility for women’s events also. ICC also introduced the World cricket league in 2007. It was originally known as the World cricket league division one.


The first World Cup was launched in 1975, in England. It was organized from 7 to 21 June 1975. IT was sponsored by Prudential plc so it is also considered a prudential cup, West Indies beats Australia by 17 runs in the finals. This event is organized by the Sports Council every four years. It is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world and is also considered the flagship event of the international cricket calendar by the ICC. ICC Cricket World Cup History


The champion trophy was primarily known as the ICC knockout tournament later in 2002 it was changed. It is an ODI(One Day International) cricket tournament consolidated by the sports governing body ICC. It was proposed in 1998.

The ICC cook up the idea of the Champions trophy to raise funds for the evolution of the game in non-test playing countries. In Bangladesh and Kenya, the first champions trophy was played. After these successful events, ICC held the tournament in nations like India and England.


T20 World cup was initially known as ICC World Twenty20. It is the international championship of Twenty20 international cricket. After the ending of the Berson and hedges cup, in 2002, The ECB (England and Wales cricket board) required a new championship to fulfill its place. The manager of the ECB proposed the 20 over per innings game to the chairman in 2001 and voted 11-7 in honor of adopting the new tournament. The first T20 matches were played on 13 July.

Under 19 World Cup

The launching event was titled the “McDonald’s bicentennial Youth World Cup”. It is an international cricket tournament organized by ‘ICC’ and challenged by national U-19 teams. First challenged in 1998, as the Youth World Cup. It was not present again until 1998. While the first edition has only 8 participants, every subsequent edition has included 16 teams.

“India” has won the most amongst the whole team, whilst “Australia” has won three times, “Pakistan” twice and “South Africa”, “West Indies” and “England” once each. Other teams like “Sri-lanka” and “New Zealand” have made it to the Finals.

Intercontinental Cup

Intercontinental Cup is a cricket tournament and development program organized by ICC (International Cricket Council). It is designed to allow the members of ICC to play first-class cricket matches and prepare them for promotion to Test Cricket status. In 2017, the most successful teams in this event, Ireland and Afghanistan were added to the full member and test status of ICC.

There were mostly no teams played 14 and recently 8. Ireland holds the most number of titles ie. (4). This intercontinental cup includes 12 teams, divided by geographical region into four groups of three. Every team plays the other two teams in its group once each. The teams that top in the groups will go to the semis and the winner of the semis to the finals.

ICC  Events: World Cricket League

The main objective of this cricket league is to provide a qualification system for the World Cup and opportunities to play international one-day matches against teams of similar standards.

ICC World cricket league was a one-day cricket tournament (International) without test status organized by International Cricket Council (ICC). All the associate members (ICC) are eligible to compete in the league matches. Firstly the ICC World cricket league was known as World Cricket League then it was replaced by the ICC Cricket World Cup league.


ICC SUPER SERIES was a tournament between Australia and the ICC World Eleven made up of the Best non-Australian players(the world’s number one side at the time). This tournament was held in Australia in October 2005.

In the ’90s the Australian cricket team becomes deadly dominant in world cricket. The Australian team had a reputation for being unsurpassable. So this concept of Super-series was born and the International SUPER SERIES was developed.

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