These ICC Cricket world cup history qualifying tournaments are held within five ICC bodies (Africa, Americas, Asia, East Asia-Pacific, Europe).

One of Best First Edition of Cricket world cup  history at England 1975

The first edition of the ICC cricket world cup was held in “England,1975”.Eight teams were qualified for the world cup And six-team play(Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and the West Indies)And Sri Lankan and the first time East Africa were played. The team divided into four groups and play with each other and four teams end at the top four(England, New Zealand, West Indies, and Australia)end for the semi-final round. West Indies is the first ICC champion in cricket history.

Second Best Icc World Cup history Edition at England-1979-

In 1979 is the second edition of the ICC cricket world cup, there is eight-team where play, but this time east Africa can’t qualify for this time. In the place of Africa Canada where qualify for the world. this ICC World Cup won by the west indies second time continues.four teams were qualified for the world cup (England, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies).

Third Cricket World Cup History Edition at England-1983

In 1983, is the third edition of the ICC world cup. India was the first time it became the camping of the ICC world. In that world cup, eight qualified for the world 1983 Zimbabwe was qualified for the world. Sri Lanka also get the full membership for the world cup and became the seven-team on how to get full membership in the world.

Fourth Edition at India & Pakistan-1987

In 1987 is the fourth edition of the ICC world cup. In 1987 first time in world cup 50 over match where played, before 1987 there is the 60 over match. In 1987, there is eight where participate in the world(Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka)four the were qualified for this world cup Australia, Pakistan, England, and India.

Australia won this world cup From this Australia continue won five ICC world cup back to back and became the most successful team in cricket history. First time India and Pakistan host this world together.

Fifth Edition at Australia & New-Zealand-1992

In 1992, this is fifty editions of the ICC cricket world cup. This world cup host by Australia and New Zealand. This time South Africa also became the full membership of the ICC world squad, Now In 1992 world cup nine-team was played. The third time Zimbabwe qualified for the world cup. Pakistan won the first time ICC World Cup In 1992.

Sixth Edition at Pakistan & India-1996

In 1996, this is the sixth edition of the world cup. India and Pakistan host this World Cup second time and Sri Lanka host the first time. The first time Sri Lanka won this ICC tournament. (Australia, England, India, Pakistan, SouthAfrica, West Indies, Zimbabwe, NewZealand, Srilanka, Kenya, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates (UAE).India, Sri Lanka, Australia, West Indies.

Seventh Edition at England,1999

In 1999.this is the seventh edition of the ICC cricket world cup. All nine membership directly qualify for the ICC world.(India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Kenya, Scotland, Sri Lanka). Every team plays twice match to each other.the team ever divided into two groups. Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, new Zealand.this is the second World Cup won by the team.

Eight Edition at South Africa, Zimbabwe & Kenya-2003

In 2003 , this is the eighth editions of the world this world. There is a fourteen team play in the world cup is the largest number of team play in the world cup. Bangladesh, Australia, England, India, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan, Kenya, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Canada, Namibia. In this world cup, this is sawed the upset to England, West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan. This team we’re directly eliminated from the group stages.and in this world Shoaib Akhart became the fastest bowler in the cricket history (161.3km/h). Again England.

Ninth Edition at West Indies-2007

In 2007, this is the nine editions of the world cup played in West Indies. This world cup also won by the Australia team and they win three consecutive wins by Australia. this world is the biggest world for the cricket fan , because in this world 16 team where played ten full membership and and six team qualified from the ICC trophy in 2005(Australia, England,New Zealand, South Africa, India, West Indies,sriLanka,pakistan.bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Bermuda, Kenya, Canada, Scotland, Netherlands, Ireland)this world has four groups and this Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,Sri Lanka wherein semi-final. Australia win this World Cup and became the three-time champion and win the 29 continue the match without loss. they have the record of unbeaten in ICC cricket world cup history.

Tenth Edition at India-2011

In 2011, this is the ten editions of the world cup. this world is remarkable for all India fans because this world wins after a long time 28 years. this is the second world win by this world cup there is a record of Asian team play in the final. In This world cup, 14 teams were played.

Eleventh Edition Australia & New-Zealand-2015

In 2015, the Eleventh edition of the World Cup was played in Australia and New Zealand. This world cup Australia became the sixth time ICC champion.there were fourteen teams participated in the world cup. Australia and New Zealand were the host of this world

Twelfth Edition at England & Wales-2019

In 2019 ten teams where qualify for the World Cup. Every team has to play a single match again every team in the group stage. From that group stage matches end with the top tour team(NewZealand, England, Australia, and India).

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