The sizzling summer when it comes to an end, we all crave the cold weather and the real experience of coldness and there is just one name that comes in mind it’s all about that place Dharkhora. With the same mentality, I woke up one fine day and the weather was super amazing to go out and hangout! Unfortunately, I was all alone with the thought to go out but where with whom and how? Umm twist!

Suddenly I got a call from friends and it’s all about getting ready for an adventure. That was something delicious that freshen me up. I got ready and hop into the vehicle they arrange for our this adventure tour. Well, it wasn’t that easy as in the first place I didn’t know where am I going to land?! I was super confused about the whereabouts of ours!

Where are we leading, I was unknown and blank and I asked my friends where are we going and They answered me at the same time “Dharkhora” and trust me I was the same as blank as I was before hearing this answer. Even though they were not known to this place, we were supposed to figure out the place by using google maps and that’s what makes me worried and at the same time gave me a thrill! And here we went with a group of crazy people along with our favorite musical tracks; a driver!

Before reaching the destination, the journey was delightful, the scenes I have witnessed there were just commendable; I can say this, this experience was something I have waited for a long time and finally, it has been here just before me! The greenery, the roads, there were no houses but there were green lands and there were ladies, men roaming with animals, Well I have also seen small children along with their parents in their farms and there was some relief in that frame I don’t know if someone has noticed that!

The smiles they share, the way they respond to us by waving their hands, looking and smiling towards us until we just disappear that’s something everyone has experienced and have felt their heart with warm in such cold weather. Well for your information, Dharkhora is on the Paratwada route, approx 50+ km, It may take 2 hours to reach may be less or more it depends on us!

Well for us; we forget the route and thus we need to go a long way to reach our destination but it’s all worth it because that place can give uh a sense of peace, satisfaction. Okay , finally we reach Dharkhora after asking 2 or 3 people about the exact turn we need to take and for that I will love to give you a tip, take a turn from the road where you can see there is a place which has flags of different colors, it might be a restaurant or restrooms but remember ,it’s only possible to take that way if the way us clear and you can take your vehicle with you.

After a turn or two, you have to park your vehicle and jump on your feet and need to get started for the adventure! (Tip: Wear Shoes ) We parked the vehicle and Wow, what can I see is a forest, there are lots of trees everywhere and there was a river which was coming from the waterfall we came here for!

Well , well , I am really happy to tell you when I watch that river, the water that was clean, transparent and extremely cold, and we literally sit there in the starting and started clicking pics and in that instance I feel like I should get fresh and so I clean my face with water and I was supposed to get another experience but friends called us to stay together as the further route is not going to be easy and Seriously even though it’s a beautiful place, you really need to be careful while you are going through that forest and also the mud is so slippery that can be fun as well as a serious concern.

And with all care, we were going further and further and here the challenges started, As we have already heard You ain’t getting anything so easily and thus the stones there were so large to cross which have an additional obstacle. And there’s a place we reach and it’s not the end it was the indication that we have come only halfway!

This place is awesome for the photoshoot, for relaxation, for getting fresh also to see the intensity with which the water is flowing, that was beautiful yet a shivering sight! What we love about that particular place was that space, where it’s like the plant’s leaves, is a roof and we can stay under that with feel protection. But as there’s halfway to go ;

We can’t stay there, we started to go further, the way was more adventurous now ,it feels like we are here for trekking as there were two ways to go and thus as per the convenience we were supposed to swap the route with the help of each other ,we climb the way and this was the moment we dumbfounded as the ones who are so brave were actually behind than the ones who were so scared but the place, the way all have changed their mind and gave them this feeling that they were fearless and after all this we can see that waterfall finally . But there is a difference between able to see or your teacher there!

There was a bigger stone this time one needs to cross and reach the heaven on the earth. What’s the most blissful thing is when the waterfalls towards the downward direction and then with the same intensity it comes to you and the drops which fall on you can fulfill your soul,the air is soothing there , it’s more like a Bollywood scene one can actually take the whole feel of our Bollywood industry ! This place has many foldings one can experience one at a time or maybe multiple at times!

Pure, yes the natural connection with nature has made my day and I feel the same for you, if you are stressed or if you are totally fine and wanna go for an adventurous place remember to visit Dharkhora and also comment below your experiences!

Thank you!