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Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur Introduction:

Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur is a sacred monument of Navayana Buddhism located in Nagpur city where B.R. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism on Ashoka Vijaya Dashami on 14 October 1956.

Ambedkar revived Buddhism in India and converted to Buddhism. And it is deeply significant for people in India.

Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur And its importance:

Deekshabhoomi is in Nagpur, Maharashtra, a location regarded as a sacred place, an inspiring land of social revolution being atheist, and preparation for social actions against class conflicts, discrimination, and inequality. 

It is one of two places considering to be of great significance in the life of Ambedkar, the other being Chaitya Bhoomi in Mumbai.

This is the ground where people get ordained as Buddhists. It is one of its kinds of religious mass conversions at one place in history.


Buddhism was centuries old in 1956, so it was a crucial time of celebration for the Buddhist religious people. 14 October was the traditional date of conversion of Emperor Ashoka, and the day is Ashok Vijaya dashmi.

Babasaheb chose Nagpur for his conversion ritual, as he explained in his speech at that time because Nagpur was the motherland of the Nag People in that area.

On 14 October 1956, Dr. Ambedkar and his madam took the Three Jewels and Five Precepts pledge from the Burmese monk  from Kushinagar.

Ambedkar also took the pledge along with three bri

lliants, Five Precepts, and 22 oaths to his thousands of followers. Nagpur turned into the motherland of the Neo Buddhist movement.

Vihara and the Bodhi Tree

In front of the stupa, on the right-hand side, there’s a Buddha Vihara with a bronze image of Buddha.

 There is the Bodhi Tree, a sacred fig tree and its three branches of the Bodhi Tree at Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka were used to plant Bodhi Tree here.


The stupa comprises a large two floor hemispherical structure with gates appearing as a Sanchi gate.

The design of the stupa here rested on the structure of the world’s famous stupa of Sanchi. But unlike the stupa of Sanchi, it is a fully concave inner side.

It is the largest spherical stupa among all Buddhist stupas in the world. The spherical hall is spread across 4000 square feet with marble and  sandstone used in its construction.


Location       :  South Ambazari Road, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur.

Timings        :  7 AM to 8 PM

Entry Fee     :  Free Entry

Parking Fee : 10₹ for two wheeler parking and four wheeler parking is also available.


Summary :

Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur is one of the most sacred places for Buddhism. It is an inspiring land of social revolution as atheist and preparing for social actions against discrimination, class conflicts, and inequality. It also has a Bodhi tree near the given area.


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