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Mumbadevi temple in Mumbai
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Mumbadevi temple in Mumbai

Mumbadevi Temple in Mumbai

An ancient temple in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India called Mumbadevi Temple in Mumbai honors the goddess Mumbā, the local embodiment of the (Mother Goddess). The origin of  Marathi मुंबा is Sanskrit. Mumbai's goddess is revered at the Mumbadevi Temple in Mumbai. Mumbai's Mumba Devi Temple in Mumbai is the source of the name Mumbai.

Although there are records of Hindu groups worshiping the goddess Mumbadevi as early as the fifteenth century, the temple itself is thought to have been constructed in 1675 by a Hindu woman by the name of Mumba, close to the main landing site of the former Bori Bunder creek, against the north wall of the English Fort Saint George. The fort and creek have now deteriorated to the point where they are merely abandoned remnants of the city's past. the temple is still open for business.

The Koli people, who spoke Marathi and were the first people to live on the Seven Islands of Bombay, were patronized by the goddess Mumba. In the temple, she is portrayed as a black stone sculpture. "Maha Amba," or "Great Mother," is one of the more well-known names for the Hindu Mother Goddess (Devi) in India and is a popular etymology for Mumba.

The temple is in the middle of the apparel and steel markets, in South Mumbai's Bhuleshwar neighborhood. Every day, hundreds of people visit this holy site, which is also a place of worship for Hindus. Paying homage at the temple, one of Mumbai's tourist attractions is a regular occurrence for visitors.


The goddess Ambī was honored by the construction of this temple. Situated six centuries ago is the Mumbadevi temple. Located at Bori Bunder, the first Mumbadevi temple is thought to have been destroyed sometime between 1739 and 1770. At Bhuleshwar, a new temple was built in the same location following the destruction.

The Hindu populace of the northern Indo-Gangetic plain and southern India still reveres the Goddess, who personifies Mother Earth. Around 1737, Koli fishermen constructed the original temple at the location of the former Victoria Terminus station. It was demolished, and a new temple was built. The Goddess Mumbadevi is depicted in the image of the modern shrine wearing a golden necklace, a nose stud, and a silver crown. A stone image of Annapurna perched atop a peacock is located to the left. The Goddess' carrier, a tiger, stands in front of the shrine.

Legend of mumbadevi in mumbai

The goddess Parvati, sometimes referred to as Gauri, is worshipped at the temple in her fisherwoman form. In order to become Mahakali, goddess Parvati needed to develop persistence and focus. Goddess Parvati's husband, Lord Shiva, required her to take on the form of a fisherwoman at that time so she could learn perseverance and concentration.

Subsequently, Goddess Parvati took on the form of a fisherwoman and established a hermitage in the fishermen's village (present-day Mumbai). In her younger years, Goddess Parvati was known as Matsya; as a fisherwoman, she subsequently assumed the name Mumba.

As Mumba became proficient in the art of endurance and focus, it was time for her to go back to her original home. When Lord Shiva took on the shape of a fisherman, he married Mumba after discovering her true identity.

She later became the village goddess (grama devata) when the fishermen asked her to stay there permanently. She became known as Mumba Aai because the locals there called her "Aai," which means "mother" in Marathi. And it was she who gave Mumbai its name.


Mumbadevi temple in Mumbai

Mumbadevi temple in Mumbai

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Mumba Devi, 45/47, Dhanji St, Mumbadevi Area, Kalbadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400003

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