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Mylapore in Chennai
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Mylapore in Chennai

Mylapore in Chennai :  

Mylapore in Chennai

History Mylapore in Chennai  

Mylapore, located in Chennai's south, is one of the city's oldest and most culturally varied neighbourhoods. Mylapore in Chennai The region, on the other hand, predates the founding of Chennai, or Madras, as the British named it, by at least 1500 years. Even before the British set foot on this territory, the city had a colourful past. Mylapore is also a very traditional place, with many temples, churches, and historical monuments.

Simultaneously, it is stepping up to match modern-day expectations with shopping malls, tree-lined beautified roads, and other attractions. Mylapore has a native name as well. The name Thirumayilai is derived from a Tamil phrase that meaning "country of the peacock's scream." It is an evident homage to the many peacocks that once roamed the countryside.Mylapore prior to commercialization.

Peacocks can be noticed in the architectural designs of two nearby historic buildings, the Kapaleeswarar Temple and the San Thome Church. Mylapore is mentioned in various chronicles dating back to antiquity by writers, poets, explorers, and folklorists. This old city and its splendour have been hailed everywhere, from European colonising groups to travellers like Marco Polo to Tamil Saivite poets. A tour of the major places Mylapore in Chennai

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