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Places In Amravati To Visit. The ancient name of amravati is “Udumbravati” and “Amravati” is Known for many centuries with this name.The mispronunciation form of this is Amravati and now the Amravati is known with the same.it is said that Amravati is named for its ancient Ambadevi Temple.

Picnic Spot In Amravati

  • Ambadevi And Ekvira Devi temple
  • Wadali Talao
  • Chatri Talao
  • ISKCON – Amravati
  • Bamboo garden
  • Upper Wardha Dam
  • MelGhat Tiger Reserve
  • Gawilgarh Fort
  • Malkhed Dam
  • Chilkahrada Wildlife Sanctuary

Places Near Amravati To Visit

1. Ambadevi And Ekvira Devi Temple

This religious Hindu temple honours Goddess Ambadevi, a divine deity worshipped across the state of Maharashtra. The timeless historic structure is standing tall for thousands of years. Devotees from all around the world flock the premise during high-standing festivities like the Navratri. A few hours at this temple is often recommended for travelers to understand the part it played in major historical events like Rukmini Haran.

Adjacent to the Ambadevi is the Ekvira Devi Mandir. Built in 1960, the temple holds a shared story of origin with Ambadevi and is frequently visited by travelers and pilgrims.

2.Wadali Talao

Located near the Chandur rail road, the quaint suburban reservoir is a picture-postcard oasis for residents and travelers alike. Originally built to provide a supply of fresh water to the nearby neighborhoods,at last  the water body is a perfect spot for weekend family picnics.

3.Chatri talao

Built in 1888, the Chatri Talao Amravati is nestled on a prime stretch of land, a heritage site that is also of great historical significance. Located at less than one kilometer from Dasturnagar Square, thus it shares the common goal of providing fresh water with Wadala Talav.

4.Iscon Amravati

For hundreds of years, Hindu believers found both a sense of belonging and spiritual connection in temples that celebrate tales of powerful deities. Located in Saraswati Colony, Rathi Nagar Amravati.

5.Bamboo Garden

Stop into Bamboo Garden for an exhibition of India’s largest collection of bamboo plants with 134 species and a dedicated bamboo nursery.as well as  Established in 2017, the garden also surprises its visitors with an impressive selection of 300 species of cactus.

6.Upper Wardha Dam/Simbora Dharan ( Places Near Amravati To Visit)

If you are looking to venture into the suburbs in Amravati to capture the local ambiance, make your way to Simhora town. It is a small establishment with a regional market with authentic food places and a view of the Wardha Dam.

7.Melghat Tiger Reserve

From several species of Indian bison to serpent eagles, thus the Melghat Tiger Reserve is one of the best places to visit in Amravati with your kids and family.

8.Malkhed Dam (Places Near Amravati To Visit)

Malkhed Dam is an earthfill dam built on the Kholad river near Chandur. Rent a boat in the afternoon with a packed lunch and enjoy an outdoor meal with your family and friends.

9.Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary/Hill station

Chikhaldara is a tiny hill station in the Indian state of Maharashtra, but As it is the only coffee-growing area in the region, it is loved by many tourists who come solely to taste the regions’ coffee.

10.Dhrakhora (Places Near Amravati To Visit)

This location is fantastic for a photoshoot, relaxation, getting some fresh air, but and witnessing the intensity with which the water flows. That was beautiful, thus yet a shivering sight! but At first What we loved about that particular place was that space, where it’s like the plant’s leaves, is a roof , and we could stay under that with protection.

What Are the most popular things to do in Amravati with Children?

The most popular things to do in Amravati with children according to Tripadvisor travellers are:
  • Shri Ambadevi Temple
  • Bamboo Garden
  • Melghat Tiger Reserve

Oxygen Park In Amravati

Old Panchavati, old bypass road, near Wadali Camp, Amravati, Maharashtra, India. 444602.

Timing:  6am-6pm Tuesday to Sunday (Monday-Closed)

Fee :  15.00 Rs. only per person

If you wanted to join morning walk then you have to pay 250 Rs. per month

Above All Places Near Amravati To Visit

Places Near Amravati To Visit

Amravati is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the western peninsular region of India. The city of Amravati is also surrounded by some of the best hill stations, perfect for a weekend escape. at last So thus for those looking for places to visit in Amravati.    



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