Amravati City is a place of pure bliss!

It has the blessings of Ambadevi, Nature.

The Ambadevi temple is the heart of the Amravati city, which has existed for thousands of years, and the Goddess Ambadevi is worshiped here with all their hearts.

Navratri is the festival that makes the whole Ambadevi temple a bride, and the positive vibrations are much higher during these nine days.

The Devi Maa gets ready every day with a new saree and their beautiful ornaments like Nath, Mukhouta, fresh flowers, fresh morning, all the holy rituals and one can actually feel the positive energy to its core!

These days, if you want to do “Darshan”, it’s quite difficult. One has to be in a queue to reach their destination and take Darshan, and that too in less time. It’s all because thousands of people come there for just one look at Devi Maa.

Well, even if one wants to visit on any regular day, you can still feel the positivity. Every Tuesday, the Devi Maa is made ready as they make them ready for Navratri for the whole nine days.

The temple is surrounded by a market that has everything one wants for Pooja.

Inside Temple

Well, it’s all about the inside of the temple, but what about outside the temple? There is a huge market where you can get almost everything, like clothes, ornaments, crockery, tailors, different things for your home, decorative things, different stationary shops, shops for clothes, and what not!

And especially during Navratri, the market has doubled. You can see people presenting their goods, especially.

When you enter the AmbDevi area, on both sides of the road, you can see that there are so many people sitting there with their goods to sell. There are different stalls for different types of local food too.

The local people call this “Market Devi!”

If you ask them, where are you going? They will answer you, Devi. If you ask them, where will I get this?They will answer you, Devi.There’s not a single holy place, there are more than this.



Chikhaldara, a destination for free souls:

Okay, it’s just about one part of Amravati city,

Another center of attraction that is connected with Amravati city is Chikhaldhara, a hill station, which is a fascinating place to visit. Rainy days are the best for visiting such places and witnessing the beauty of nature.

There is a lot to talk about in Chikhaldara. It’s not a place where you just go, park your vehicle, and visit, just like any park or museum, and then come back to your vehicle and get back on your way!

No, when you enter the greenery, the air will leave a smooth touch. When you come to the real destination, the journey here is more beautiful. 

The sprinkling rain will hug you with its delightful feel, cover you up, take away your stress, free you from all the anxiety and leave you as a fresh person. While you are moving forward on your journey, every view, every experience is just different.

The mesmerizing moments are different points like “Bhim Kund”, “Devi Point” and many more; when you halt at every point, you will create a new memory, a new experience that will fill you up with happiness.

If you are coming to this region, visiting Chikhaldara is a must!

Well, there are more places named Dharkhora, Chichati, Muktagiri, etc., each with the essence of nature, joy, and peace.

Also, it’s a small city.

Shopping Market

A year or two ago, the market of Amravati city was not as occupied as we can see today!

Today, Amravati city has special blocks for clothing markets mainly named “Busyland, Cityland, and Dreamlands.”

What’s more fascinating is that each of these blocks has its own market where there are many shops with a variety of clothes for all can be found in one place. It may be men, women, children, senior citizens, maybe younger, elderly, college students, or formal dresses can be found here, so it’s like a click away to just need to enter this market and everything is in your footsteps.

Also, Raymond has made its way to our city and has started its manufacturing process here.

Well, it’s not an ending here. Max Mall, Siyaram, Tanishq, Pantaloons, Lakme

Javed Habib, Capello, CCD, and Domino’s all have shown their presence here.

The local market that has been here for years is nearby Rajkamal. Also, Joshi Market is so famous here for jewelry, make-up-related stuff, and many more. Nearby, there is a wholesale market line known as “Mochi Galli”. What I remember is that whenever I need to save money, I do go to this place and here you save lots of bucks. Trust me on this, but you need to choose the right shops.

“Shikshanacha Maher Ghar” is another name for Amravati City after Ambanagri.

What you can see here is that there are colleges where students from the nearby area come to get their higher education.

The well-known Shivaji Shikshan Sanstha has its main headquarters in Amravati. There are so many schools and colleges under this system.

From primary schools to higher education, medical colleges, agriculture colleges, etc. are owned by this Sansthan.


Gadge Nagar, many people’s second home!

Gauge Nagar is a thriving student community; what you can see here is

It’s a place where one can get everything they need very easily.

Again, most of the students live here as PGs, renting rooms, flats, whatever they get to live in. As you have already seen, how beneficial it is to live here!

Well, it’s just an area!

There are areas like Rajapeth where the other half of the students live and study.

Well, let’s come to another part;

Amravati city has been developing a lot in the standards of markets, businesses, and schools.

Colleges have been raising Some interesting facts about Amravati including: the first lady President of India is from Amravati;

Recently, Maharashtra’s Minister of State was Pravin Pote from Amravati. He has opened his own college and schools and owns Pote Township.

We already talked about the serious stuff; hanging out with friends is a must with such a population of students, and also, who doesn’t need a day off?

Places to hang out Well, here at Bamboo Garden, a place which mainly has the theme of bamboo, you can see greenery everywhere. They also tried to make it an adventurous place. It occupies a very wide area with different sections. It is an awesome place for a photoshoot;

Wadali Garden is also close to Bamboo Garden. Wadali Garden is a place where you can enjoy boating and shows with minimum entry charges. In fact, you won’t face

If you are going out with your family or friends, you can wrap up your day by having dinner with them!

Legal Area

Do I share a secret: if you are living in the legal area of Amravati, well, what’s that? This question might have arisen in your mind.

I am calling it a legal area because this place in Amravati city has a court, a collector’s office, a court for family cases, a military canteen, an RTO office, Barratt, and a house for IAS officers. In fact, in that area, lawyers have their houses. Well, this is the area you live in. You will enjoy going for a walk around in the evening because you can go to DMart. There are many stalls around where you can taste the delicious roadside food. Trust me, they are yum. It may also help those people who earn money from us and then feed their families.

If I’m supposed to talk about Amravati, it’s not so small that it can be easily described; each corner has its own unique story with its own flavors that one can color with their own moments.

Well, what about movies?

went out and had lunch, but now what? If you’re lucky, you’ll see a movie;

Well, for that, E-orbit might be my first choice, but if as a student you are looking to save your money and still want to watch a movie, you can opt for other options too. Give it a try once!

And soon, PVR will be here! Just wait for that day!

A Place to Unite.

Hey, what’s your plan for August 15 and January 26?

This stadium is the right choice if one is looking to celebrate it and is new to this place and has no other place like their schools or colleges. You can surely visit here. This stadium has also been used for practicing. Many competitions have also been held here. It has facilities for classes for sports students for various games and sports.

We need to go out of the city by bus, by train, by special vehicles, etc. For that query, Amravati city has a railway station near Irwin Square and

Exactly opposite, you can see a big store in Patanjali, Essbee, as well as

The service center for a vehicle is also nearby, as is a temple to Sai Baba and Gajanan Maharaj!

What if a guest arrives for an official purpose and you need to take care of their stay at the last moment?

For hotels like Gauri Inn, Rangoli Pearl, and Grand Mehfil Inn, you can save your efforts and worries and for offers, use apps like Make My Trip, etc., or directory, give them a call and enquire easily!

Where to go for fitness enthusiasts?

Well, gyms have been available in Amravati city with all your expectations being satisfied with the atmosphere and results. The newly arrived Talwalkars Gym and the gym in Pantaloons mall have been trending more than the existing ones!

If you are already in Next Level Mall, you will get a sense of metro cities.

It has solutions to all your problems.

Let your kids play here with the gaming vehicles, order for them juices or anything they want, and until that, have a haircut or any service you want. In the end, meet your friend, family member, or office colleagues there only, and you don’t need to rush anywhere else and everything is already sorted!

You don’t like trains; they don’t suit you.

No worries, the Welcome Point is the only point where you can travel to various destinations.

At this point, the electricity department quarters can be seen, as well as the agriculture college of Shivaji Sanstha is right there!

Well, this is not where Amravati City ends.

We didn’t even start to talk about the different projects that started in Amravati. The Sophia Electricity Plant in Amravati City, MIDC Nandgaon, has been operational for several years!

There are so many potential projects that have been present in the MIDC area.

Radio Mirchi Sunne wale rahe, always khush with Vividh Bharti; these two radio stations are only here to entertain you and keep you healthy and happy through radio services!

The journey of Amravati city has started; the destination is yet to come. Well, what can I say in the end is that the journey is more beautiful than the destination because it’s not the end but a real start for our Amravati. What I can conclude is that it’s not really that easy to summarize this place. It’s only going to increase every day! Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Thank you! Best Regards

Ek Amravatikar.

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