What is great about India?

India is my beloved motherland. India is a unique country in the world where many human races had been living for many centuries. Because my great India had been habitats of many diverse cultures and creeds.

There fore its “Unity in diversity” was an incredible example to the world. My dear India has also given birth to many great human beings like the “Father of India”. “Mahatma Gandhi” “Subhash Chandra Bose” “Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru” . Also “Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad” and “Frontier Gandhi”, etc. Who had great respect for humanity and human values?

By the intellectual instinct and incomparable love for the Indian people. They not only got golden “Freedom” from British rule but also lead the “Nation” to a path of eternal love, peace, and harmony. So that Indian nationals could live for many more centuries with true brotherhood tolerance for each other. And true respect for each other. for this achievement they have even sacrificed their lives.

But, Alas! their sacrifices, their untiring efforts, and endeavors could, not exist for more than three decades. Because these great Indians have been replaced by some power crazy and wealth crazy people who had gradually destroyed the philosophy of co-existence of those great Indians.

Insights Of India

Now the supremacy of caste, dignity of riches, politics, “Gundam” and an atmosphere, of hatred for particular communities are ruling my motherland. therefore an unknown culture like “Moblinching” has spread its dreadful jaws in Indian culture.

Though this culture tarnishes “India’s Image” among the many nations of the world. Many people and great peace lovers always condemn this Indian culture. Power politics is nowadays a game that plays with full spirit in India.

As a result, many political parties are succumbing to this game of dirty politics, and now days are not very far when there will be a rule of dictatorship very soon. Under which many Indians  suffocated and shed their lives with the semblance of resistance.

Therefore, there is little time left to recover the human values and true Indian spirit among the people of “India” otherwise India would disintegrate and explode to an unexplainable limit and will certainly lose its identity in the world.