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Mysterious Places in India: 

India is a place with a variety of flavors, people, and culture in it. But do you know that there are mysterious places in India? That still exists and locate in various parts of it?

India is basically the land of mystery. Many people believe in black magic. And therefore the paranormal existence somewhere in India.


Kuldhara, Rajasthan – The Abandoned Village: 

These is mysterious places in India . Many years back i.e. about 200 years, Kuldhara was the town for more than 1000 Paliwal Brahmins. The descendants of a community that had lived there for more than six centuries.

However, one fateful day, the entire population, which included residents of 85 villages, fled overnight. 

According to folk tales, the people didn’t just leave the village. But instead, they left it with an evil curse, forbidding any future settlements. 

All that is left here today are a few broken-down buildings, an old temple, and rumors that try to explain the sudden removals. 

 Many stories floated around. Some say the chudails, Mayans, or ghosts walked around in the night, making the place a place of horror. 

Others say that people don’t live here anymore as regular deaths have occurred. 

The silence was not that comforting but it was frightening silence. And then the voice of the old man floated in the air.


 How to travel here?

  1.   18 km from Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan.
  2. Board the Howrah Jaisalmer Express at Old Delhi Junction to reach Jaisalmer in about 14 hours.

      3. From Delhi to Jaisalmer,770 km,12 hours of driving time.


Kodinhi (Kerala) –Mysterious Places in India: 


 A tiny village “Kodinhi” in the Malappuram district of Kerala. It is just 35 km from Calicut a village known for twin births! 

It wouldn’t be wrong if we mentioned it as one of the mysterious places in India. Twin birth reports here regularly.

This village is the ‘Village of Twins’.

It’s damn surprising and interesting that it has more than two sets of triplets and 200 pairs of twins.

 What’s more surprising is that women from Kodinhi who married outside this village also have multiple twin births! 

No researcher has been able to explain the reason behind this mystery, some doctors believe that the answer lies in the chemical connection of water in the area. 

This village has more than 200 pairs of twins and 2 sets of triplets.


Roopkund, Uttarakhand – The Skeleton Lake: 

Hundreds of human skeletons are seen floating in a glacial lake located at an elevation of 16,500 feet every year because of the melting of ice in Roopkund. 

In the year 1942, a forest ranger rediscovered that the skeletons in the Lake have since been shrouded in mystery. 

With the help of radiocarbon and forensics tests, researchers said that the corpses are around 1,000 years old. 

Nobody has any idea about who these people were, and what they were doing in such an inhospitable region of the Himalayas.

 According to popular folk stories, these skeletal remains are of no one but King Jasdhawal of Kanauj. His wife, and hundreds of slaves, were headed to Nanda Devi on a pilgrimage. 

However, before they could reach their destination, a terrible hailstorm caught them with hailstones the size of cricket balls. 


Vittala Temple Complex, Hampi, Karnataka – The Musical Pillars:

Primitively built in the 15th century, the Vittala Temple is one of the most flamboyant pieces of architecture in Hampi. 

However, what sets it apart from some other equally exalted temples around the country is an accumulation of 56 musical pillars, which produce musical sounds when tapped gently. 

The musical pillars charmed the Britishers. The music-producing ability that they cut two pillars in half to check if anything was inside the hollow pillars of granite. 

Over the years, many passionate tourists unknowingly damaged several other musical pillars by regularly tapping them to calm their curiosity. 

To protect and prevent any further damage to this heritage site, tapping on musical pillars is not good.

Getting there: If you reach Karnataka then your journey to Hampi is just 90 km by any four-wheeler. A mysterious place of musical pillars!


Bhangarh Fort, – A Horror fort in Rajasthan, India: 

In the 17th century, Bhangarh Fort was a center of activity in Rajasthan. According to the fable, the fort was so beautiful that the Pink City of Jaipur. However, the good days ended soon and the days of horror began. Now the this Fort is recognized as one of the most horror forts in India.

 Not only this but the entrance of the haunted fort also bears a notice board. It warns that this place should not trespass at night. Some people call it an evil curse. 

Even though there is no proof or evidence to prove any of the rumors, tourists report a sense of edginess on entering the premises of the horror fort. It is easily accessible by roadways, railways, and airways.

  • By Airway: The Jaipur Airport, at a distance of 56 km, is nearest to it.
  • By Rail route: For those traveling by rail, the new station is Dausa Junction, which is merel railway 22 km away.
  • By Roadway: For people traveling from the National Capital, It is an easy 250 km road journey.


Gyanganj, Himalayas – A City of Eternal Beings: 

There are a lot of hidden places in the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. One mystery that stands apart from the rest is that of a mysterious city of immortal beings, known by several names such as Gyanganj, Shambala, or Shangri-La. 

 This place hides from sight and modern mapping hi-tech technologies, by covering itself or it exists in a different dimension altogether. It is most hidden in India.

However, according to a myth, the immoral beings who exist here not only impact the proceedings of the world in unique ways but also guard several secret spiritual teachings of all religions. 

Unfortunately, no one knows the definite location. As it is believed that only great saints and yogis can pass through the dimensions and the psychic obstructions. 

It is a mythological belief that It is a city-kingdom occupied by immortal beings. That impacts the existence of human beings in exquisite ways, whenever needed. 


Shettihalli, Karnataka – The Drowning Church: 

The French missionaries built this Church for the wealthy British estate owners in the year 1860. 

The collateral damage in the process submerged 28 villages including Shettihalli where the Gothic Rosary Church stood tall. 

We met a few villagers on our return who told us that this village. It was once a lush hamlet where the River Hemavathi flowed watering fields of sunflowers. 

‘Half-drowned Church’ is a popular name given to Church. Every year during monsoons, this church drowns in the waters that accumulate around it. 

 A huge cragged grassy terrain surrounds it. That serves as a perfect spot for relishing a picnic.


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