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Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Shegaon History

According to a story, on Feb 23, 1878, on a street, a cash loaner named Bankat Lal Agarwal 1st saw Gajanan Maharaj in a “superconscious state”. Sensing him to be a saint, Bankat took him home and asked him to remain with him.

 People said that in his lifetime. He performed many astonishing miracles such as filling a dry well with water. Also lighting the clay pipe without fire, drawing sugar cane juice by twisting canes with his hands, and curing the leprosy of a woman. He died on 8 September 1910. 

Maharaj was a Yogi. These are unmatted, pistachio, and Bala i.e. the attitude of a maniac, the attitude of a devil, and the attitude of a child. 

Some believe that Shri Gajanan Maharaj was an erudite scholar and he knew the Vedas by heart. They feel that He was a brahmin and hailed from Telangana. (i.e. the modern Andhra Pradesh). Some individuals have detected Maharaj reciting sacred text hymns.

Some individuals have recorded incidents in which Maharaj’sj had his initial coaching in Akkalkot, Nasik, Lad-Karanja, and Akot. 

There are not loads of distinctions between Shree Hindu Samarth and Shree Gajanan Maharaj. They each were similar in many ways and most of their principles and qualities were equivalent. 

Thus many people believe that Shree Gajanan was none other than Shree Swami Samarth’s second birth. Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Shegaon is located near Akola.

Festival in Shegaon

 Ram Navami is the main festival in Shegaon. Each and everyone celebrates it with great festivity. It comes in the Bhadrapada month of the Hindu calendar. The temple trust organizes Anand mela during the festival. The temple receives a substantial tourist flow during the festive season.  

the village celebrates the festival in Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Shegaon.

There are several ways to reach Shegaon. Although there is no airport in Shegaon as such, Nagpur airport which is situated at a distance of about 316 km is the closest to Shegaon. But the city has got a railway station that connects it to various cities in the state. 

Places like Nagpur, Akola, Chandrapur, Wardha, Yeotmal, Nashik and Shivaji Nagar are directly connected with the state as well as private-owned buses.

Shree’s Samadhi Temple, a temple built over Gajanan Maharaj’s samadhi is made of attractive marble stones. There the devotees can see his face which is the idol’s face from afar they can also have a close look at the idol by going through the tunnel there. 

Near the idol, there is a lot of space available for devotees to pray and praise Lord Gajanan. Sculptures are also carved on the walls of this temple and because of these sculptures, the temple looks even more beautiful. 

Shegaon is known for the grand Samadhi Temple of Shri Gajanan Maharaj and certainly, this temple has become a unique guiding light of this holy town. People who visit Shegaon get a “darshan” and feel the presence of Maharaj even today. 

Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Shegaon is a very popular religious place in the Vidarbha region.


 Anand Sagar in Shegaon

 After visiting Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Shegaon everyone wanted to visit Anand Sagar and the area surrounding it doesn’t have enough water to use therefore Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan in Shegaon decided to create an artificial lake with enough water for everyone living in that area. 

But the monthly expenditure of Rs. 50 Lakh for this purpose caused a financial burden on Sansthan. Even then, the Sansthan carried out the project of Anand Sagar Lake, to increase the water table in surrounding areas of Shegaon. 

In addition, Shree Sansthan also built a spiritual surrounding in Shegaon for the devotees and this was done with a nominal donation. And the revenue from it would help to deal with the water problems. 

With this noble vision and objective, Shree Sansthan’s most innovative project- Anand Sagar came into existence with Shree’s blessings.