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The Imperial delicious: restaurant in delhi

"The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi "

The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi

Imperial seasoning
〈 Food is not just about taste, it's an experience! An experience of all five senses, taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch..〉

At The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi, we pride ourselves on exemplary hospitality and dining experiences, bringing you eclectic modern cuisine with the finest cocktails and food pairings.

Take a seat at the table and bask in our warm and welcoming hospitality. Order a bottle of wine from our extensive cellar, specially selected to pair with the big and bold flavors created by our renowned chefs. A tailor-made menu of Indian and international cuisine with a touch of the exotic.

At Imperial Spice, we celebrate the entire spectrum of exquisite food and beverages, spectacular service and elegant culinary specialties, and we believe in providing our guests with the perfect symphony of a complete meal!

"The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi " - a place where food becomes a hearty experience!

Food isn't only about flavor, it's an Experience! A personal experience of all five senses, taste, odor, sight, hear and touch.. At The Imperial Spice we pride ourselves with exceptional hospitality and cooking expertise, and bring to you an eclectic modern-day cuisine aided by the offering cocktails that are best and food pairings. Settle right into a table and bask within our cozy and hospitality this is certainly welcoming.The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi

Order a wine from our cellar this is certainly extensive that specifically selected to set with the huge and bold flavors developed by our celebrated chefs. A menu tailored to supplement Indian and International cuisine while exposing a hint regarding the unique. Celebrating the full spectral range of exquisite food and products, spectacular solution, and stylish fine dining, at Imperial Spice we have confidence in giving our friends an ideal symphony of a meal this is certainly complete! The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi - someplace where food turns into a experience that is heartful!

Menu card - Combos (1) Soups and Salads (19) Starters (31) Main Course (33) Mains (6) Breads (11) Rice and Biryani (5) Pasta (2) Accompaniments (4)


When I was little, I was definitely not a fan of tomato soup. My mom would usually serve it on days when I would play in the snow for hours and I would pretty much eat anything because I was hungry (and frozen). But it sure was tough—the only saving grace was that she served it with a crispy, golden-grilled cheese sandwich. There was something about the consistency, sweetness, and thickness of that soup that didn't appeal to me. I am alone?

Even though I was older and could choose my own lunches, tomato soup was never a favorite soup for me.

Until now. . .

The Imperial Spice Restaurant Delhi


Because I finally decided to see what it would be like to make my own tomato soup! Something in me knew that it would just be better than the canned ones 🙂

So, armed with a batch of beautiful seasonal tomatoes, I had some work to do. I researched many recipes to see how people were doing it and then formed some opinions on how I would make mine.

Whole tomatoes in a bowl

My inspiration recipe ended up coming from Grace Parisi, the “recipe goddess” at Food & Wine magazine. It's a basic recipe with minimal ingredients that, in my experience, usually results in a great meal. Many of the recipes I looked at called for adding cream (for richness) and sugar (to reduce the amount of acidity in the tomatoes), but this one didn't add either.

By using sweet onions (I used Vidalia), the sugar in them balances out the acidity of the tomatoes, and the soup gets creaminess by using butter and slow simmering. It's a wonderful combination. But I'm sure you could add some heavy cream at the end and no one would complain 🙂

I modified the recipe a bit and added my not-so-secret weapon. . .nutmeg. We are all familiar with the pairing of nutmeg with sweet treats, but you may not know that it is used in many Italian sauces. The sweetness of this fragrant spice takes savory dishes to a whole new level by adding a layer of complexity that cannot be easily defined.

It leaves you asking “Hmmm. . .what is it? I'm tasting something delicious and I'm not sure what it is', but you're sure to be happy that it's whatever it is.

I tasted this soup before adding the nutmeg. It was delicious - you could taste the fresh tomatoes and a hint of basil, but in my opinion it lacked something. And that little thing was nutmeg. Even my official taste tester (Brendan) agreed after a blind test

Timming - Open now: 11:30 AM - 11:45 PM

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The Imperial delicious: restaurant in delhi 0 reviews

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