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Crowne Plaza in Chennai
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On The Rocks – Crowne Plaza in Chennai

About On The Rocks - Crowne Plaza in Chennai

In the bustling metropolis of Chennai, where the sea breeze whispers tales of culinary delights, On The Rocks at Crowne Plaza in chennai proves to be a beacon for those seeking a gastronomic haven. This blog reveals the magic of this waterfront restaurant, exploring its excellent offerings, fascinating atmosphere and the unique dining experience it promises to locals and visitors alike.

Crowne Plaza in Chennai

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Coastal Elegance:

Elegantly perched along Marina Bay, On The Rocks at Crowne Plaza in chennai captures the essence of coastal elegance. The restaurant's design is a seamless blend of modern sophistication and traditional warmth, offering diners a panoramic view of the azure waters that dance to the rhythm of the city's vibrant energy. As the sun sets, On The Rocks transforms into a picturesque scene that casts a warm glow on guests as they indulge in their culinary treasures.

Ode to Seafood:

Crowne Plaza in Chennai


At the heart of On The Rocks Crowne Plaza in chennai lies a dedication to seafood that goes beyond the ordinary. The culinary team, led by experienced chefs, prepares a menu that celebrates the treasures of the ocean. From succulent prawns to tender seared scallops, each dish is a symphony of flavors that pays homage to Chennai's rich maritime heritage. The freshness of the catch is evident in every bite, making On The Rocks a seafood lover's paradise.

Signature cocktails with a view:

The bar at On The Rocks Crowne Plaza in Chennai isn't just a place to sip cocktails; it's an experience in itself. Mixologists create signature concoctions that reflect the vibrancy of Chennai's nightlife. Sip 'Marina Sunset' and watch the sky turn red, or indulge in 'Sea Breeze Elixir', which captures the essence of the surrounding waves. The bar's extensive collection ensures that every palate is satisfied and complements the culinary journey in style.

A grill master's paradise:

The centerpiece of On The Rocks is the open grill, where expert chefs demonstrate their mastery over fire and flavor. The menu features a tempting selection of grilled delicacies, from smoky grilled ribs to perfectly seared tandoori delights. The theatrical display of culinary arts adds another layer of excitement to the dining experience, making every visit to On The Rocks a feast for the senses.

A symphony of flavors:

Crowne Plaza in Chennai


While seafood and barbecue are the focus, On The Rocks also offers a diverse palate with a well-rounded menu. Vegetarian delicacies, international cuisine and local specialties share the spotlight, ensuring that every diner finds their perfect match. The combination of flavors, textures and aromas turns each meal into a symphony that lingers on the taste buds long after the plates have been cleared.

Exclusive gastronomic experiences:

On The Rocks offers more than just food; creates experiences. The restaurant provides intimate dining spaces for romantic evenings, private gatherings and gala events. Whether it's a candlelit dinner by the bay or a corporate event with a view, On The Rocks tailors its setting to suit the occasion, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Impeccable service with a smile:

In addition to the culinary wonders and scenic views, On The Rocks Crowne Plaza in Chennai' dedication to impeccable service sets it apart. Trained to anticipate and exceed expectations, the staff ensures that each guest is not only cared for, but truly cared for. Warmth and hospitality extend the charm of On The Rocks beyond the plate, creating an atmosphere that entices diners to return.


On The Rocks at Crowne Plaza in Chennai transcends the realms of a typical dining establishment. It's not just a restaurant; it's an experience that captures the spirit of Chennai's coastal charm. From carefully crafted dishes to breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal, On The Rocks invites its patrons to enjoy the finer things in life. In every respect, it stands as a culinary oasis by the bay, inviting all those looking for the perfect blend of flavors, atmosphere and hospitality to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

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