India could be a region of sacred rivers, various lakes, and reservoirs. The Himalayas standing in northern Asian countries, the rivers that flow through it, are perennial. They get water thanks to the rain, sometimes the melting of the rivers fills the character of rivers. This is often associated with the nursing understanding of the common Indians for generations however modified circumstances have pierced him.

The World’s largest 7th country by area possesses 2.5% of the world’s land with approximately 17.74% of the world’s population, with only 4% of the world’s water resources.

India is a developing country, Industrialization has increased in India, thanks to this, the demand for water is increasing in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Hyderabad. The groundwater level of Mumbai has decreased, for this reason, Mumbai fulfills their need for water from Tansa Dam and ModakSagar Dam. As for Pune, Panshet and Khadakwasla Dam are providing water.

Why India is running out of water?

• Weak Monsoon
• Thirsty Crops
• Wastage of Rain Water
• Deforestation
• Government Poor Management.
• India’s sixth-largest city Chennai is going through water drought. The reservoirs of the city get dry where water is supplied through tankers. It is at a condition where employees are working from home because of company’s are unable to provide water.
• Around 42% of India is facing the problem of water drought. Which affects nearly 500 million people.

The Climate Change Effect.

During the monsoon, Some areas of India are facing the problem of heavy rainfall while some are facing less rainfall. In the last year, Kerala has gone through floods due to heavy rainfall. while some states face deficient rainfall.

Over use of Water

Around 150-200 liters of water is used by an average Indian, from which only 10 liters are used for drinking and cooking. Remaining water use for washing dishes, clothes, floor and for bathing and toilet flushing.Which proves the mismanagement of water.

Main Reasons Behind Water Pollution In India

• Dumping Industrial waste in lakes and rivers
• Dumping waste and dead bodies in water due to social and religious reasons
• Water use for the household which leads to wastewater.
• Acid Rain
• In Agriculture Improper use of water.

The Decrease in Ground Water Level

The ratio of pumping and replenishment of groundwater is very differed from each other. As the pumping of groundwater is very intense. At every new construction site, the Boring for water is used. which leads to the exploitation of groundwater.

What are the causes of water shortage?

• Pollution
• Water wastage
• overuse of water
• Drought

Water problems are not only due to the less rain, but it is also due
to the excess of rainfall, but how?

Excess of heavy rainfall can create various hazards. Like flooding which leads to damaging the crops, infrastructure. Ultimately it creates a risk to human life. As the flood occurs in Assam, more than 74 people died, destruction of Kaziranga national park, Life of animals is at risk.

A Country that is having rivers like Ganga, Bramhaputra, Godavari, Narmada, Yamuna and many more. People from that country are facing water problems. If we look at the statistical data of rainfall in a decade, the monsoon rainfall is deficit year after year.

As world India also facing water problems. In India, the Monsoon rainfall is deficit year after year. Various countries are going through water scarcity. Water Scarcity is when the availability of drinking water is less than the water needed for the satisfaction of people of a specific region. India also going through it. Water is the most essential commodity in our lives, we’re unable to imagine our life without it. Despite this, we’re using it as an over abused commodity.

To solve the water problems Government established a new ministry in 2019 called “Ministry Of Jal Shakti”. This was formed by merging of two ministries; the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation and Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Water Crisis in India Facts

Having the world’s 2nd biggest population, India only has 4% of the world’s water resources. This is getting lower and lower in India. While Monsoon is the only option for rainfall, which is getting deficient year after year. As the deforestation, climate change is hampering Monsoon. The El Nino effect decreases summer monsoon which provides around 70% rainfall.

India’s Chennai city is going through the drought as water reservoirs are getting dry. In addition around 42% of India’s population facing drought problems. The groundwater level is getting deeper and deeper. Some rural areas getting water through tankers.

Water Scarce Countries

  • Libya
  • Yemen
  • Djibouti
  • Western Sahara
  • Jordan