Types of Conservation of Water Resources & their Benifits

Conservation of Water Resources is a very crucial topic for each & every human being. Water is a natural resource and every people depends on water. Life is itself water, life cannot exist without water.so every drop of water is precious and priceless. Which water available on earth is 71 % but useful water is available only 3% and this 3 % of water are necessary for life. This water is used for drinking water and many purposes like regular life, farming, industrial area, animals and other purposes. it is very important to save water and save a life in the future.

This way conserves water in the future and increases water resources in the future available. .now start to save water and save a life at that time. recently Government of India and other NGO foundations have started the activity of Jal Jeevan’s mission. government’s slogan is to save water and save life or conserve water and conserve trees.

About Water Scarcity?

Water scarcity is a common issue in your life and this problem of shortage of water grows rapidly day by day. water scarcity is a lack of water and not complete water resources available, and more demands of water used in the area.


• growing population is the main problem of water scarcity.
• wastage a lot of water like cleaning, and bathing.
• Deforestation and Global Warming. rapidly increasing.
• Water misuse is a major concern for many people because overuse of water can reduce things like animal washing, land, agriculture, clean cars, baths and other industrial areas.

how can we stop and find out Solutions to overcome water scarcity problems?

water scarcity is a big problem faced in India but solutions are to increase water resources’ physical sources include of maybe storing groundwater, lakes, well, watersheds, farm ponds, recycling industry water and reusing home terraces water.

There is a need for the Conservation of Water Resources.

Farmer Ponds:

Conservation of Water Resources can be linked with The farm pond helping to increase the groundwater level. These are permanent water resources and these are cost-effective structures. and they can easy to make it on-farm. farm pond help to can enhance rapidly growing water levels. and farmers can grow an increasing crop in that. this is one of the best solutions to decrease the water scarcity problem.

The farmer can grow crop production in dry spells in every season, and earn money easy .this is the benefit of farmer ponds.
Advantages Of Farmer Ponds
• farmers can start crop growing production without waiting for the rain to fall.
• wastage water to supplies in a farm pond can reuse.
• the farmer can increase crop production in every season.

Welland Lakes:

Increasing population day by day and decreases water resource day to day this big problem face in future.well and lake this is two main resources a large space to store water. to increases, the number of lakes and well in the future this future project and they help to increase the groundwater level.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the simplest and large storage system. this system is to reuse of wastage water. water are collected many places includes houses, industry, drinking water, groundwater, etc. this rainwater can be stored in well .and increasing water storage level.
Usually, we can save water in many ways

I mention some ways to save water at home

  • Do not use the shower at home because a lot of wastage of water in per day.they can use a bucket in the bath.
  • Turn off the tap you brush your teeth.
  • Don’t use dual flush in your toilet.
  • You can do home terrace clean and terraces water stored in tanks then filtered and reuse to other uses.
  • Each and every drop is very important and does not waste a lot of water. water is life. save water and save a life.

Panni foundation and Indian governments to start the project and they do hard work save water. also, many people participate in the panni foundation to help save water activity.

Please, conserve water and conserve life
Save a tree and save a life

Thank You!

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