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Ramanatha Swamy Temple

Ramanatha Swamy Temple is the most notable historic as well as landmark of the town. This is Located in the center of town. This it is a famous Hindu Temple dedicated to the deity Shiva.

As well as the temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines, thus where Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Jyotirlinga meaning pillar of light.

History of

Ramanatha Swamy Temple:

The temple in its current form is believed to have been built during the 17th century.

While Fergusson believes the small vimana in the west corridor belongs to the 11th or 12th century.

The temple is said to have been sanctioned for construction by King Kizhavan Sethupathi or Raghunatha Kilavan. The contribution of the Jaffna kings of the Pandya Dynasty to the temple was considerable.

King Jeyaveera Cinkaiariyan (1380–1410 CE) shipped stone blocks from Koneswaram temple, Trincomalee to renovate the temple’s sanctum sanctorum.

Jeyaveera Cinkaiariyan’s successor Gunaveera Cinkaiariyan (Pararacacekaran V), a trustee at Rameswaram also oversaw the structural development of this temple.

The promotion of Saivite’s beliefs donated part of his revenue to Koneswaram. Especially to be remembered.

The immense sums that were spent during the tenure of  Pradani Muthirulappa Pillai towards the restoration.

The Pagodas which were falling into ruins and the splendid Chockattan Mantapam or the cloistered precincts of the temple at Rameswaram that he finally completed.

The rulers of Sri Lanka also contributed to the temple; Parakrama Bahu(1153–1186 CE) was involved in the construction of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Also, Sri Lankan king Nissanka Malla contributed to the temple’s development by making donations and sending workers.

Pappakudi a village was donated as a grant to Rameshwaram Temple and one Deva Venkala Perumal Ramanathar in (1667 CE), by Perumal Servaikaran Son of Sokkappan Servaikarar who belongs to Pandiyur..


Ramanatha Swamy Temple:

Ramanatha Swamy Temple is a popular Hindu temple located on the island of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, thus Ramanatha Swamy Temple is the main temple of Rameshwaram and is very beautifully constructed.



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