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RA awareness day (Rheumatoid) Day is on February 2nd every year. The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation found this day to spread awareness about the condition and the only symptom of the disease is arthritis.

Proudly displaying an indigo and gold RA ribbon on your person is a wonderful manner to raise awareness of the disease, however, it is never the simplest manner.


Quotes on RA Awareness Day


Rheumatoid arthritis is just the beginning of a series of other diseases and also mobility issues.

Take care and do not ignore the early signs.


On this Rheumatoid arthritis day, let us take an oath to make sure that we treat all the diseases in the best possible manner and get rid of the pain.


The pain of Rheumatoid arthritis can only be understood by those who have withstood it.

It is one of the hardest to endure. Treat yourself immediately to get rid of this disease and live free.


Though rheumatoid arthritis slows people down with the pain,

it doesn’t have the power to stop them because each of the patients is standing tall against the pain and fighting it.


Rheumatoid arthritis day is celebrated to lift the spirits of each of the patients,

that they can emerge victorious against the pain and live their life without pain helming them through.



Not all the steps are alike and no walks are all the same for a patient with rheumatoid arthritis.

The harder the disease tries to cripple them, the stronger they fight back!


The hope to rise up and run again is one that drives every patient with rheumatoid arthritis.

Let’s inspire them for a better tomorrow on Rheumatoid arthritis day.


Keep calm and kick Rheumatoid arthritis out the door!


The biggest cure to RA pain is your will to fight through the pain and get the much-needed relief.


Rheumatoid arthritis day is a sensitive tribute to all those who fight the pain every day with a smile!


Your choice today will pave the pain you get tomorrow.

Live a healthy and fit life and ensure you stay away from Rheumatoid arthritis forever.



On the Occasion of Rheumatoid arthritis day share these best Rheumatoid arthritis day quotes with your family and friends and spread awareness about the diseases caused by it.