The world’s number 1 Superpower American US President Donald Trump inaugurated the world’s largest cricket stadium when he arrived in Ahmedabad, the home base of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday 24 Feb at the start of a two- day visit aimed at smoothing ties strained by trade disputes. On this date, Trump visited India making his first official trip to the world the biggest democracy. US President Donald Trump is the first-ever President who experienced a grand welcome in India.


  • The government authorities ordered for a 400-meter and 7-foot tall wall to be built along Donald Trump’s route so that it will block the view of where poor people live, specially to hide slum areas from Trump’s sight.
  • According to the local authorities of Ahmedabad the amount spent is around Rs.80 crore-85 crore ($11- 12 million) on the preparations for the visit by the American president that lasted only around three hours! This amount is equivalent to 1.5% of the annual budget for the home ministry in Gujarat!
  • Ahmedabad municipal commissioner Vijay Nehra, said that the authorities spent 300 million rupees ($4.2 million) on widening roads and improving the infrastructure around the new cricket stadium.
  • 60 million Indian rupees (840,000) were spent on ‘’Beautification’’ of the city, including erecting the wall to spare Trump’s view.
  • 30 crore rupees were poured to repair and fancy the roads on which the President was going to set his foot on.
  • 12,000 security personnel were deployed for the overall security of the event.
  • You would be surprised to know that about 3 crore rupees alone were spent just on flowers to decorate the roads on which Trump and his wife will travel.
  • 30 crores were spent on the fog machines which were going to be in use till 24th February to make the city even more attractive.
  • Not only are these expenses done but also to hide the poverty of our country, slum dwellers who lived around the stadium were evicted leaving 45 families homeless.
  • 60 International and domestic flights were rescheduled ahead of Trump’s visit.


Hence the overall estimated cost of welcoming the U.S President was about 800 to 850 million INR. Previously, after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, Leaders of China, Japan and Israel too have visited Ahmedabad. And out of these guests President Donald Trump has proved to be a very high maintenance, the cost which we taxpayers are bearing.