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                                    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOCK-DOWN AND CURFEW?

Difference between lock-down and curfew: In the lock-down all the essential services which is required in day to day life school, colleges and markets are closed for a limited period of time, but in lock-down all the essential services such as banks, ATM’s, markets, hospitals are not closed.

Due to the corona virus government has taken difficult but safe decision of lock-down. As we have heard that the 30 states of India will be on lock-down due to COVID-19 virus. And to create social distancing, as it is the only cure to the corona virus. But some peoples as they are very new to the lock-down they has a confusion regarding the Lock-down and Curfew.

So to remove the differences of lock-down and curfew we have written this article to explain the crux of both the terms. Let us first know the meaning of the Curfew & Lock-down.



Mainly a curfew is strict order issued by administration to keep people of the streets. In general it is applied in the area where the riots are happening and other possible conditions.

All places including markets, schools, colleges, hotels, are closed during a curfew. If someone does not obey the orders of the Police or the Army, He/she may fined and arrested by the police.

Curfew is mainly implemented during the Communal riots or terrorism incidents.



Lockdown is a emergency like condition where all the private and public establishments, private companies, public transport, private transport, hotels, malls, gym and health center etc. Are closed for a certain period of time by the orders of the government. The basic objectives are to create social distancing among the peoples and to check the outbreaks of any infectious disease.

Only the essentials services shops such as the general stores are opened for a limited time. And hospitals, police stations, and petrol pumps are opened 24 hours.



  1. In curfew all the essentials services and the markets are closed for a limited period of time. But during lock-down, these are not closed.
  2. A curfew is set for number of hours, but a lock-down is imposed for a longer period.
  3. In a situation like curfew all the essential services such as the markets, schools, colleges and banks will remain locked. When the curfew is opened the people can move freely and can buy all the required services and things.

During the lock-down all the essentials services banks, ATM’s, Gas agencies, post offices, fire offices, hospitals,        medical stores, and milk shops are opened.

  1. Curfew is imposed very frequently while the lock-down declared in a very rare situation as the outbreaks of COVID-19.

I hope that you have understood the differences between lock-down and Curfew. For more such Informative and Interesting articles click on the link given below.