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Dampa Tiger Reserve 


Dampa Tiger Reserve is located in western Mizoram in India. It covers a total 988 sq.km area in which 500 sq.km area is Core/critical tiger habitat and remaining 488 sq.km is Buffer/peripheral area . It was established as Tiger Reserve in 1994, with 500 sq.km 

This Dampa Tiger Reserve is rich in various types of  birds and mammals, along with rare flora and fauna and rare ginger species Globba spathulata and Hemiorchis pantlingii.

This dampa tiger reserve hosts many mammals like Indian leopard, sloth bear, gaur, Phayre’s leaf monkey, gray langur, barking deer, wild boar. This Reserve has one of the highest clouded leopard populations in South and SouthEast Asia. 

There is no tiger recorded in 2018- 19 in this tiger reserve. We can see various types of bird species here.  And there are many different types of plants also . but this reserve has a low density of tigers.

Dampa Tiger Reserve there are 20 species of Amphibians , 43 species of reptiles  and 16 species of lizards out of these 43 species.

How to reach : 

Dampa Tiger Reserve is situated in  western part of Mizoram and the international border with Bangladesh about 127 kilometers from Aizawl.


  • By Road :  Dampa is 135 kilometers away from Aizawl. It will take 4 hr 42 min via NH108 and W Phaileng – Marpara Rd. Bus facility is available 24 hrs .
  • By Rail : The nearest rail station is Silchar, and  this is 185 kilometers away from Aizawl. 
  • By Air : Nearest airport is Lengpui at Azawl. Kolkata, Silchar and Guwahati is connected by it . It will take nearly 1 hour 45 minutes from Kolkata, 40 minutes from Guwahati  and 30 minutes from  Imphal.

Best Time To Visit 

The best time to visit Dampa tiger reserve in Mizoram is from November to March .The weather is quite pleasant in summer and not much colder in winter as result of that the visitors prefers this time to visit. And there is heavy rainfall from May to September.


There are two accommodation options in the Dampa Tiger Reserve i.e Tourist Lodge and Traveller’s Inn. And there are no. of hotels in Aizawl for accommodation.

Timing  : 08:00 am – 05:00 pm  

                    Best time 11:00 am – 03:00 pm 

You can book your Jungle safari online or  by travel planner. And it will cost 4-5000 per person

It required 4 hrs at Dampa Tiger Reserve.

Address: Tuipuibari, Mizoram 796431, Aizawl, India