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Welcome to my new post Best Places to visit In Maharashtra. Maharashtra state is the third largest in India. Maharashtra state is the third largest populous state in India. and Maharashtra state is the most historic hot And strong past connection. Maharashtra is one of the most beautiful places for a holiday.


Places In Maharashtra

Maharashtra state is more than famous religion and culture. Maharashtra People celebrate more festivals. Maharashtra state is divided into 36 districts and 358 talukas. Marathi is the most widely spoken language. and Marathi is also the official language of the state. Maharashtra state was formed on 1 May 1960. Maharashtra’s capitals are Mumbai and Nagpur. The Godavari and Krishna are the two major rivers in the date. Maharashtra is also known as Pawan Bhumi becoming such a fantastic temple in Maharashtra. Please visit the Best Places to visit In Maharashtra and see an incredible location in Maharashtra. Some popular hill stations in Maharashtra. The famous dish of Maharashtra is Puran Poli. And around 80% of Maharashtrians are Hindu. And Maharashtra people’s lifestyle is very simple. The Best Places to Visit In Maharashtra are Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Shirdi, surgeon, Pandharpur, and Aurangabad.

Mumbai Maharashtra

“Ye dil hai mushkil jeena yaha Zara hat ke, zara bach ke Yeh hai bombay meri jaan. ”


Taj Hotel In Mumbai

Mumbai is a dream city for everyone. Mumbai was formerly called Bombay. Mumbai is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra state. Mumbai is the most populous city in the Indian state of Maharashtra Mumbai Maharashtra. The Best places to visit in Maharashtra  Mumbai are the Gateway of India, Marine drive, Shree siddhivinayak temple, Taj Hotel Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminus, etc. Mumbai is the city where dreams are fulfilled. The uniqueness of Mumbai is beyond words: railway platform, the famous dabbawala, Chali, Mumbai’s famous food vada pav, bhelpuri, chat, and shevpuri. And most important Bollywood stars stay in Mumbai. Mumbai is also called Bollywood Nagari.

Pune is the Best place to visit in Maharashtra

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and India’s seventh largest population city. Pune is often referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. If you read your history book, then you will know that it was once ruled by pesewas and Marathas.

Bajirao peshave status

Bajirao Peshwa Statue

And today if you search on Google then it’s also called the most favorite city for youngsters. The Best places to visit in Maharashtra Pune are shaniwar wada, Sambhaji park, Aga Khan palace,sinhagad fort, Pu La Deshpande garden,chaturshringi temple, Raja Dinkar Kelkar museum, national war museum, Parvati hill, pataleshwar cave temple, Shinde chhatri, Osho ashram is the most popular tourist destination in Pune.

Nagpur Maharashtra

Nagpur is the sub-capital of Maharashtra. Nagpur city is derived from the nag river (nag Nadi). Nagpur is famous for oranges. Nagpur is the third largest city in Maharashtra it is the 14th largest city in India by population. And according to an oxford economics report, it is the fifth fastest growing city in the world.


Nagpur Maharashtra

The best places to visit in Maharashtra are ambazari lake and garden, sitabuldi fort,maharajbagh zoo, gorewada lake,zero mile stone. This is the best place in Nagpur.


Aurangabad is a historic city in Maharashtra and Aurangabad is a dream destination for all tourists. The government of Aurangabad declared the city the tourism capital of Maharashtra.


Aurangabad Maharashtra

The ministry of urban development has shortlisted Aurangabad as one of the 100 cities to be a smart city. and here are some Best places to visit in Maharashtra Aurangabad are Anitha caves, Bibi ka manbara, Ellora caves,grishneshwar temple, DaulataAbad fort, Chhatrapati Shivaji museum,pitalkhora caves, caves, jayakwadi dam,lonar lake, prozone mall is the places to visit in