World NGO Day is celebrated on February 27th every year. N.G.O. is an acronym for non-governmental organization. The 27th of February became a worldwide historic day for the NGO community back in 2014. This international calendar day, now known as “World NGO day,” was inaugurated for the first time internationally. Celebrate this day by sending WORLD NGO DAY Wishes to everyone.

World NGO Day’s main goal is to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGOs (Charities, NPOs, CSOs) and encourage a greater symbiosis between NGOs and both the public and private sectors. World NGO Day is a day for NGOs all around the world to share knowledge and experiences with one another. It aims to educate people all over the world about NGOs and their impact. World NGO Day provides a chance to honour and remember NGO founders, employees, volunteers, members, and supporters.

World NGO Day is an international day dedicated to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate with various NGOs around the world. It is also dedicated to recognize and honour all non-governmental and non-profit organizations, and the people behind them that contribute to society all year around. Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs work for the upliftment of society.


WORLD NGO DAY Wishes in English


  • Here’s a big shoutout to all those people who work for all others and help those who are in need of help. We love you and wish you all a very Happy World NGO Day!


  • We admire you for your work and wish you all the best.


  • These people take care of those who are not able to practice their rights. Salute them and wish them a very Happy World NGO Day.


  • There are so many ways the NGOs help poor people and we are all proud of their work.


  • I am so proud to be an NGO  worker and I wish more people would come and work in NGOs. I wish my colleagues and all other people across the globe a very Happy World NGO Day!


  • NGOs help the backward communities a lot and we should wish to thank them and wish everyone by sending WORLD NGO DAY Wishes.


  • The best part of my work is getting to see the smiling faces of the children at the orphanage at the end of the day.


  • I cannot think of a more fulfilling job to do in my life.


  • There are so many NGOs that help underprivileged people by fighting for their children’s rights. Their work needs appreciation and today we appreciate them and give our heartfelt wishes.  


  • Let us all spare a moment to appreciate these heroes who work in the NGOs and do their best to fight against social injustice and bring justice to socially oppressed people.


  • As we approach the 27th of February, I would like to thank these wonderful people for working for the environment and its conservation.

WORLD NGO DAY Wishes in Hindi


  • जब तक आपके विचारों में जान नही होगा,

तब तक आपका का एनजीओ महान नही होगा.

वर्ल्ड एनजीओ डे!


  • किसी की मुस्कुराहट

किसी की मुस्कान के लिए

कुछ कदम साथ बढायें

एक अच्छे काम के लिए.


  • जिनका दिल बड़ा होता है,

वही गरीबों के साथ खड़ा होता है.

  • जब आप किसी को दान देते है,

तो आप और ज्यादा धनवान हो जाते है.


  • भूखे पेट वही सोता है,

जो इंसान मजबूर होता है.


  • सकारात्मक सोचना जिसका स्वभाव होता है,

उसके मन में दूसरों के भलाई का भाव होता है.


  • कुछ एनजीओ गरीबों पर एहसान जताते है,

एक कम्बल देकर 10 लोग फोटो खिचातें है.


  • एनजीओ चलाने के लिए मन में सेवा का भाव होना चाहिए,

शुरूआती दौर में आपको कुछ ऐसा कार्य करना चाहिए,

जिससे जरूरतमंदो की मदत भी हो और आपको पैसा

भी खर्च न करना पड़े.


  • अगर आप स्वार्थी और लालची है,

तो आपके लिए NGO चलाना काफी

मुश्किल कार्य होगा.


  • कुछ लोग आर्थिक रूप से कमजोर होते है,

जिन्हें थोड़ा मदत मिलने पर वे अपने पैरों

पर खड़े हो जाते है.


  • कुछ लोग मानसिक रूप

से कमजोर होते है. जिन्हें कितनी भी मदत

दी जाएँ वे अपने पैरों पर खड़ा ही नही

होना चाहते है.


  • खुद को अपने पैरों पर खड़ा करें,

फिर आप दूसरों की खूब मदत करें.

हैप्पी वर्ल्ड एनजीओ डे!


  • मदत के लिए बढ़ेगा आपका हाथ,

ईश्वर भी हमेशा होगा आपके साथ.

विश्व एनजीओ दिवस की शुभकामनाएं!




World NGO or non-governmental organization Day’s main goal is to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGOs. There are so many ways the NGOs help poor people and we are all so proud of their work. NGOs help backward communities a lot. NGOs work for the upliftment of society. WORLD NGO DAY celebrates in several countries across the world. In this Article, WORLD NGO DAY Wishes are given in English and Hindi languages.


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