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World first Aid day On the second Saturday in September, World First Aid Day creates awareness of how first aid can save lives. First aid is considered as giving someone immediate medical assistance. It’s often given until full medical treatment is available. Share these World First Aid Day Quotes, Wishes, and slogans with your family and friends.



  • Immediate first aid can make a real difference.
  • Be ready, be alert
  • First aid, the best aid
  • Be a hero in the crowd
  • Learn first aid, save lives
  • First aid can save a life


World First Aid Day wishes

  • Be a hero and save lives. Be a hero and learn first aid. Wishing everyone a very Happy World First Aid Day.
  • We can save many lives by learning first aid. Wishing a very Happy World First Aid Day to you.
  • You cannot be of any help if you don’t know first aid. Happy World First Aid Day to you.
  • You can be someone who can make a difference to many lives around him by learning first aid. Happy World First Aid Day.
  • First aid should be a part of every education to be helpful in emergency situations. Warm Wishes on this special day.
  • First aid is all about giving life another chance. Warm wishes on World First Aid Day to everyone.


World first Aid Day Quotes

  • First of all, the First Aid aim was, to save and preserve life for people and provide facilities at home.
  • It also promotes the recovery process however cannot be compared with what a trained medical professional provides.
  • Keep calm and perform first aid.
  • One life saved
  • This is a panacea and treatment facility that can recuperate a man before going medical center.
  • First aid is for everyone, everywhere!
  • Immediate first aid can make a real difference.
  • You can be a hero by learning and providing first aid when the time comes.


  • This year, we are putting forward the importance of having lifelong First Aid learning.
  • No matter the age, having first aid skills and knowledge helps create safer and healthier communities.
  • Stay happy, stay healthy
  • Protect yourself and the casualty from any danger
  • Your timely action can save a life
  • Someone’s life may be in your hands


This day is about Remembering to always ensure scene safety and Dial 911 when necessary before assisting a victim.