Before exploring all Best places to visit in Chikhaldhara let’s let a look at its history first, Chikhaldara is a hill station, and it is located about 100 km north of Amravati in Maharashtra, about four hours away from Nagpur, and is the only one hill station of its kind in the Vidarbha region. A ‘hill station’ is an Indian English term for mountain resort. Chikhaldara’ in English means ‘muddy town’. Therefore, Chikhaldara is called ‘muddy town’ and there are more the  21  best Places To Visit in Chikhaldara since it’s said that Bhim (one of the heroes in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata which states of Bheema’s glorious succession over Keechaka in this exact place). Chikhaldara thus comes into the name of Keechaka and is only one of the popular hill stations in Maharashtra.

It is situated on a mountain range, far away from where Maharashtra ends and Madhya Pradesh begins. This small scale town situated in the folds of Satpura ranges is the place to be if you want peace to your nerves and enjoy a relaxing holiday. There are no five-star hotels, shopping malls, movie theatres or spas or such things out there, but one can enjoy the uncomplicated things of life like smelling the pollution free air, enjoying the cool breeze, talking with the simple town folks, walking on the streets without any wariness in the world and of course taking the forest safari to list a few.

Chikhaldara has flourished in terms of flora and fauna because of the ample amount of rainfall it receives as compared to other parts of Vidarbha. Chikhaldara is adjoined on 3 sides by the borders of the Melghat Project Tiger (MPT) area, which is spread over about 1,676 sq km. The MPT region is home to about 700 species of plants belonging to 97 different families and 400 genres. According to the last time count, the tiger reserve has over 70 tigers along with almost the similar no. of leopards, alongside with sloth bears, Indian Gaurs, Aambar, barking Deer, Cheetah, Wild Boar, and, Choushinga, etc.

Proud for being the 1 one coffee producing place in Maharashtra, Chikhaldara provides with some delighting must visit places.

The nearby airport to Chikhaldara is 150 kilometres apart in Akola. Tourists or visitors can take a taxi to their destination. The nearby railway station is 110 kilometres apart in Bandera, from where taxis are available to Chikhaldara. One can also drive from Nagpur, which is only 250 kilometers apart from the spot. It is superior for tourists from Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune to board a train or a flight because the places are over 525 kilometres from the destination while the residents of Aurangabad can take an overlong drive of 6 hrs covering the 357Km in between. Planning a trip to chikhaldara raining season is the time when you can see the Places To Visit In Chikhaldara

Best Time To Visit in Chikhaldara

Must visit the Chikhaldara hills in the middle of the months of October and June and unravel the mysticism of the mountains and thick foliage of trees and let it make some wonderful memories upon your residence to this tranquil beauty. This place will create a pleasant stay for a weekend and a feast for your eyes. Now let’s get deep look and explore the best placesto visit in chikhaldara

Panchbol Point, Chikhaldara

This is one of the well known and important points of the area. The Panchbol Point is one of the best Places To Visit in Chikhaldara an attractive point 4 km apart from BIR Lake, based in the area of Chikhaldara. Which stands amidst the serene natural beauty. It is one of the well known viewpoints of the hill station, with its location placed very close to the beautiful BIR Lake. It provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. On one side, the coffee plantations can be seen on the way while you go towards the point. The zigzag road goes through many patches of coffee fields.

On the other side, there are close to 5 hills that come together to form a deep valley in the between, which can be viewed from this point. A perfectly navigable road has been constructed by the state administration from the lake all the way up to the point. Jeeps and SUVs are better or preferable for this road. Each one can enjoy a trek through the forests to the Panchbol Point. While on a trek, people can enjoy the bird eye view of the lengthy stretched green valley.

Once from the peak, the view is mesmerizing. The tiredness and exertion of the road journey vanishes once the magical and beautiful view of nature starts unfurling itself. From the top one can see the 5 hill edges of the Satpura range naturally connected to each other. The range scene gives one a perception of the flowing waves of a sea.
The place is a heaven for the photographers and the panoramic view of the green mountain range along with the deep valley falling completes the canvas. The Panchbol Point has acquired its name from the belief that if you shout or roar out
anything, you can hear the replica or echo back not once but five distinct times. Consequently, the name ‘Panchbol’ – which means Five Echoes. This point is also named as the Five Echo Point.
Actually, one can hear 4 return voices, the fifth one is not clearly heard.
Best time to roam and visit this viewpoint is between October and March, when rainfall is very scarce over here and weather is pretty pleasant. Summers are also OK, not bad, but early mornings will only be pleasant. Later parts of the day are pretty hot, with the sunshine glowing on top of your head. Visiting in the daytime is advised, as the place is beautiful and pretty deserted and nearby forest. Trekkers must wear bright clothes along with hunting boots to avoid any falling injury and getting twisted ankles. A light jacket must be carried inside the backpack. One must carry food and enough water, as there are none of the shops available at the top of the hill.

How to Reach

People moving by their own vehicle or car must take the NH6 to reach Bir Lake from Amravati city. Well constructed and proper roads are present from many parts of Maharashtra to the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, from where only one road leads to the hill peak view point. Local taxis and cars are easily available for a day’s trip to Panchbol Point

Sunset Point Chikhaldara

If you want to see the beauty of sunset then sunset point is the Places To Visit In Chikhaldara Vairat Sunset Point is located on the Vairat hills at Vairat. Vairat Village is situated at a distance of about 10kms from Chikhaldara and which is considered as the late capital of King Vairat during the Mahabharata area. Popular with the visitors, this viewpoint offers beautiful and attractive views of the sunset settling within the numerous nearby hillsides.


The point is located on the Vairat hills at Vairat. Which is to be known as King’s Vairat capital in the Mahabharata era. Sunset is more attractive to see. Chikhaldara in the east from here and on the west lie the number of hill ranges in keeping with the name Satpuda.

How to Reach

Taxi: Amravati is on the Dule – Kolkata National highway 6 which is well linked by road to other major towns and cities within the state. Regular and daily basis taxis are available to reach the city.

Bus: The Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is very properly connected by road. Many towns and cities in Maharashtra are linked to the Sanctuary by means of regular buses of state transport and private tour operators.

Train: The nearest railway station is situated at Badnera, which is on the Central Railway Line. Many Of the trains pass through this place and some of them are Navjivan Express, Maharashtra Express, Chennai-Jodhpur Express and a few others. Badnera is situated around 110 km from the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary and one can reach the place by hiring taxis.

Air: The nearby airport to Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is at Akola. This is located around 150 km from the place. Taxis can be hired from the airport. Another closest airport is at Nagpur, which is at a distance of 250 km from Chikhaldara.

Devi Point Chikhaldara

Devi’s point is situated on Devi Point Road, Chikhaldara. It is well linked via all means of transport. Devi’s point is located at a distance of 95 km from Amravati city. State transport buses migrate every day between Amravati city and the hill station. Taxis and autos are available for a day’s trip to the location.

Devi Point is the best Places To Visit In Chikhaldara amazing location on the Chikhaldara hill station, located at an altitude of 1061 m. It has been so known due to the presence of a Devi (goddess) shrine on the rocks, by the side of which the river flows. As one enters the temple, it’s nearly impossible to get away from getting saturated from the groundwater falling down from the rock ceiling of the mountain. The devotees roaming this shrine have recently built a temple to cover the Shrine. It is located around 86 km from Amravati. It is the place from where waterway Chandrabhaga comes out and flows amidst the rocky ranges.

The point is almost closest to the hill peak, from where the entire forest region of the Melghat Sanctuary is observable. The peak of the hill furnishes a panoramic view and from the top of the hill, the ruins of the Amravati fort are also visible. The all encircle perspective offered from the peak point of the slope is the picture taker’s heaven. The fascinating temple structures dotting the area make a sentiment of piousness, drawing thousands of devotees to come to the revered Devi Point. To complement religious tourism, new avenues of leisure tourism have also been opened in the region. The ancient temple amidst the forest and mountain furnish wonderful landscapes, a myriad of flora and fauna, making the visit all the more memorable.

People ideally spend 1 to 2 hours at The Devi Point offering prayers, sightseeing, taking a cold shower-bath, clicking photographs of the scenic view, enjoying snacks, refreshing in the cool air and enjoying some personal time with friends and family. The best time to visit the Devi Point is during the rainy season, as the climate resonates with the beauty coupled with the sanctifying presence of the deity. It is suggested to visit the temple during the day.

Malviya Point Chikhaldara

There is a village of ‘Gawali People’ known as ‘Lawhada’ which is by the side of I.T.I. college on Chikhaldara-Paratwada road. The road moving through this village ‘Lawhada’ is ahead towards Malviya Point. We have to go downstairs to see the point. We can also see some parts of Bhimkund valley and Paratwada city. The facing of this point towards East for that cause the sunrise is very beautiful to see.

How to Reach

Taxi: Amravati is on the Dule – Kolkata National highway 6 which is well linked by road to other major towns and cities within the state. Local taxis are available to reach the city.

Bus: The Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is very well connected by road. Many major towns and cities in Maharashtra are linked to the Sanctuary by means of regular buses of state transport and private vehicles.

Train: The nearby railway station is situated at Badnera, which is on the Central Railway Line. Many Of the trains pass through this place and some popular ones are Navjivan Express, Maharashtra Express, Chennai-Jodhpur Express and a few others. Badnera is located around 110 km from the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary and one can reach the place by hiring taxis from the station.

Air: The nearby airport to Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at Akola. This is located around 150 km from the place. Taxis can be taken from the airport. Another close one airport is at Nagpur, which is at a distance of 250 km from Chikhaldara.

Hariken Point

It is located in the southern area of the upper plateau of chikhaldara near government gardan. We can perceive the Gawilgarh fort, Mozari village, Vairat hills and the huge area covered under the hillside. This is the must visit of all the best  Places To Visit In Chikhaldara

Goraghat Point

On the top most plateau, the road of the vairat near village ‘Pandhari’ there is an M.T.D.C. resort. There is a road of Goraghat pointed by the side of the M.T.D.C. resort. There is no noise because we have to enjoy natural beauty.

Monkey Point

There is a Maharashtra Forest Rainger’s College on the way of ‘Vairat road. The monkey point is located in the college area. The deep valley proceeds from this point. The bottom part of this valley is not seen in our naked eye. There are no barricades or railing on this point. Every monkey lover must visit this one of the best  Places To Visit In Chikhaldara

Mozari Point

This point is 2 km away on the way going from hotel green. There is a permanent Heli-Pad. There is a road towards mozari village for this point it is called Mozari points. If we perceive east from this point we can see Hotel Resort Mayura. We can also see the Devi Point area and west side of Gawilgarh fort.

Prospectus Point

On the road to ‘Pandhari Village’ there is a ‘Deepshikha Military School’. There are two ways in this school one is for Prospects points and one is for Thakur points. On the Thakur point there is a large view of Semadoh deep forest.
This is a tiny road at north just where we often go ahead the upper plateau. If we go towards this road there is a kalapani lake. There is a temple of lord rama. This lake is well constructed by the Maharashtra Jivan Pradhikaran Mandal.
This road directly goes through the Shivsagar point. At the end of this road we have to climb up the hill by walking. From this point there are many layers of Satpura parvat. The sunset is also very beautiful to see from this point. The hariken, goraghat, mozari, vastrapur and shahanur lake are also possible to see. Best  Places To Visit In Chikhaldara


Mahadev Mandir, Chikhaldara

This temple is 6km from KalaPani Lake. There is a road going from Mozari village to go ahead of this temple. The devotees visit this temple in large numbers in the month of ‘Shrawan’ on every monday.


Weather: 22° C
Visiting Timings: 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM (Entry restricted after 11:00 AM)
Time Required: 2-3 hrs
Entry Fee: No entry fee

Muktagiri, Chikhaldara Overview

Muktagiri is a well-known trip center dedicated to Jainism situated in the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border in the central part of Indian. It is a group of 52 temples together located on the Satpura Mountain ranges of grassy greenery very close to a breathtaking waterfall. The attractive location is mind-stirring, especially during monsoons when the waterfall pours with gallons of clear water and the vegetation is dense and grassy green. The temple is situated on a hill, devotees have to mount up the hill. There are 350 stairs to reach the top. It may sound a bit exhausting to climb so many steps, but once you are up there, the dazzling view of the entire complex under the lovely skies is sure to inspire you with a sense of experience like never before.

Muktagiri is also called as Mendhagiri or the Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Muktagiri. It is best explored on foot making it a hot spot for people searching for trekking trails in the region. Just pack your essential things, wear your trekking gear and get going. A standstill at the waterfall is advisable to rest before you proceed to the magnificent temple complex. The ones who are not in a physical condition to go through the stairs can take palkhi (palanquin) services from the base of the hill at a minimal cost.

Many devotees believe that many miracles have happened here and hence come here to attain peace. Some devout texts state that many saints have achieved peace and salvation at Muktagiri. The divine and positive vibes of the temple complex won’t go unnoticed, and you are sure to feel a step closer to Nirvana.

Muktagiri Temple Directions

Since the temples are grouped and located in different areas on the hill, devotees need to follow the directions marked on the steps in orange colour. Some temple passages are not well lit, and devotees need to carry a torch while walking through, while some are narrow and small. Also, the 51st and the 52nd temple can be retrieved from inside the 50th shrine. The descent back to the bottom of the hill begins from temple 52. This path is also very dark. It is advisable that people descend in groups along with a guide to reach the bottom through the correct path.

Best Time To Visit Muktagiri

The best time to visit Muktagiri is in the middle of July and February. Middle of July and September, the area receives an average annual rainfall of about 1,300 mm, however, the natural vegetation on the hills surrounding Muktagiri are grassy green making it a mesmerizing trekking destination.

Stay Near Muktagiri

Muktagiri Dharamshala is the best option for a stay which is easel;y affordable while roaming the temple complex. They provide clean rooms, basic amenities and proper vegetarian food to all the guests. The facility has about 70 deluxe rooms with an attached washroom, a hall which can be used for Pravachan, a library with a number of books on literature, a huge dining hall and electricity backup.

Tips For Visiting Muktagiri

1. It is advisable to travel in groups and avoid roaming in the area after dark.

2. If visiting during the monsoon season, carry rain gear.

3. Carry water and snacks as per your requirement.

4. Since the temple has to be climbed bare foot, reaching it is not easy for the kids and elderly.

5. Palanquin services are available at the bottom of the climb at the cost of around INR 500 per person.

6. There is a canteen in the temple premises which serves delectable Jain cuisine at very low prices.

How To Reach Muktagiri

Muktagiri is very well reachable by road from Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Betul is just 99 km from the site. visitors can hire public transport and travel to Muktagiri via NH 548C. The temple complex is also reachable by road way from Paratwada, Amravati in Maharashtra which is just 18 kilometres from the site. Public transport is available from Amravati city to reach Muktagiri via NH 548C.

Vairat Devi

Vairat is a small village about 10km from Chikhaldara. In the middle of Chikhaldara and Vairat a natural pool is there, it is very beautiful to see. There is an old devi-temple. But it is very difficult to reach that temple. At the start of the devi-temple, to our convenience, people built a new devi-temple.

Old Goddess temple is located west of Vairat hills. One has to cross the valley with the help of rope to reach the mount of the underground way after passing 100 to 150 ft. underground one can reach the original temple.


Amner Fort

It is situated beyond village ‘Kalamkhar’ near village ‘Zilpi’ about 10 km from ‘Dharni’ on ‘Burhanpur Road’. The Fort is built in burnt bricks and it is situated at the joining of rivers Tapti, Sipna and Gadga. The view from the top of the Fort of the joining from about and height of more than 100ft gives one idea about a fort.

Narala Fort

Timings : Sunrise to Sunset
Time Required : 1-2 hrs
Entry Fee : No entry fees

Narnala Fort, Chikhaldara Overview

Resting tall and well built on a solo hill of the Satpura mountain range, the Narnala Fort stands as an attestation to the Mughals’ rich history and their remarkable architecture. This generous fort was one of the 13 ‘sarkars’ of Berar Subah and houses fascinating evidence of the majesty of the Mughal Dynasty, including the famous 27-foot cannon- Kadak Bijli. Residing upon a sheltered hill at a height of 973m, the Narnala Fort furnishes an extensive view of the Satpura ranges. covered by a blanket of green and with a backdrop of the bright blue sky, the fascinating glory of the fort is truly iconic.

This huge or taller fort is a combination of 3 smaller forts- Zafarabad on the east, Narnala in the middle and Teligarh towards the west. It was originally constructed by the Gond Dynasty in 10 A.D. and was named after the reputed and prestiged Rajput King, Narnal Singh but was taken over by the Mughals in the 15th century. It has been the point of interest of many Mughal emperors. Not just that, but also it was the birthplace of Emperor Aurangzeb’s very own great grandson. The eminent Muslim saint, Hazrat Burhanuddin Bagh Sawar Wali, used to set up camp at the fort quite often and asserted to have spotted many white tigers roaming about in the fort!

Architecture of Narnala Fort

This elaborate hilltop fortress is made completely from granite, white and yellow stones. As indication of unique craftsmanship, all these stones have been bonded all together with nothing but the superb quality limestone. The fort was originally constructed by the Rajputs and then taken over by the Mughals. The architectural style of the structure’s interiors displays characteristics peculiar to both kingdoms.
On visiting the fort, you are greeted with two great and architecturally rich gateways- Delhi Darwaza and Sirpur Darwaza. These gates have been designed with the shape of a lotus, and the cornices are engraved with complex carved Arabic inscriptions. The lotus shape is called the ‘Ashtakamal’ or the eight-petal lotus and was the symbol of Raja Narnal Singh’s dynasty. One can acknowledge the Sultanate style of design as soon as you come across the projecting balconies with panels of diverse designs and complex stonework that decorate the fort so elegantly.

Inner side of the fort, there are tombs of King Bagh Sawar Wali and Gaz Badshah, two successful and eminent rulers of their times. Over an area of a whopping 362 acres, the fort houses 360 lighthouses or watchtowers, 19 tanks, cisterns, an Ambar Bangala or Kacheri and a mosque.

Best Time To Visit Narnala FortThe period in the middle of October and January is the best time to visit the Narnala Fort. This is the time period of winters when the weather is delightful and truly enjoyable. The temperature ranges between a low of 11 degrees Celsius and a high of 20 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect forecast for outdoor picnics and outings.

Summers here are suffocating with the temperatures ranging from a low of 28 degrees Celsius and a max of 41 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures make summer’s an off-season for the city. So if you’re looking to visit the fort and the city with no crowds, this is the best time to visit Akola.

How To Reach Narnala FortThe Akola Railway Junction (AK) is near to the Narnala Fort and is well linked to all the important cities in and around the state. The railhead is about 70 kms apart from the fort, and it takes only 1 hour 45 mins to get there through the MH SH 204 highway. You can easily take a cab from right outside the railway station at affordable rates.

The Akola Bus Station is one at a distance of 73 kms apart from the Narnala Fort. It has many government, private buses available and the fares of these buses are very cheap too.

Gawilgarh Fort, Chikhaldara Overview

Gawilghur (also Gawilgarh or Gavilgad) was a well-embatle mountain fortress of the Maratha Empire located north of the Deccan Plateau, in the neighborhood of Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amravati District, Maharashtra. This fort is 300 years old. Some wonderfully sculptured idols, which are believed to have been sculpted during the period of the Nizams, when Elichpur was their capital, are worth a glimpse. Elephants, bulls, tigers, lions and Hindi, Urdu and Arabic scripts contain the sculptings on the walls of the fort. Idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shankar are also seen in the fort. 10 cannons made of iron; copper and brass are also present, splattering the glorious past of the fort. This the best religious Places To Visit In Chikhaldara

Gavlis, who were leaders of the shepherd community in the 12th and 13th century are said to have built the fort. After the Gavlis the Gond community took impose of the fort and were handling the fort until the Mughals came and took authority of the fort. The fort is at present under the Melghat Tiger Project.

Lakes and Waterfall

Bhim Kund

Bhimkund is one of the  Places To Visit In Chikhaldara a Natural blue water tank situated at a distance of around 78 km from Chhatarpur district, away from Chikhaldara to Paratwada.

An ancient fabulous myth goes that Bhim killed Kichaka and threw him in this valley, giving it the name Keechakadara. He then took a bath in the nearby lake and it is therefore called ‘Bhimkund’.

It is believed that the shallowness of Bhimkund can’t be estimate and locals observed the water level of Bhimkund rebel to 30 metres when the Tsunami hit the shoreline in 2004.

Bir Lake

bir lake Places To Visit In Chikhaldara

The Bir lake was built under british government rule in Dec 1890. This lake is built in basalt. It is used for soldiers in the british government hence called Bir Lake. The water was at first used for Chikhaldara town. It also has an old garden but it is not well maintained.

Dharkhora Waterfall

Over here closest to Amravati city which is near to the state called Madhya Pradesh, there is a visitors place to be visited at least once like a Heaven extensively signify as Dharkhora a Hill station covered with the green grassy mountains, beautiful Rivers, lush greenery, presence of nature and a lot more to transverse and explore. The most important and highly conceivable spot in Dharkhora is a heart-throwing “Waterfall” which considers the purity of nature, sweetest water of the Rivers and a peace on the ground.

Moreover, to this, the passage of rivers and the way towards the waterfall will inquire you to feel the soul of nature widely called to be as Dharkhora. Celebrations full of delight, victory, love, passion, sympathy,compassion, bonds, care, pity, affection, positivity and the most important is love with fun, all that you can adore and cherish in the heavenly and divine valley of Dharkhora which is near to Amravati city.

Coming to the place of love whether it is to be made for your loved once or for your companion, one can definitely express his or her feelings in such a pleasant Environment, With the shades of heaven. The combinational essence and extract of Beauty and love with the complete will follow to blossom around in Dharkhora hills.

Love is to be stated or expressed with whom and whomever you make fun, pleasure and nostalgia in every moment. This may be our Parents, family members, colleagues, and the last but not the least the near and dear one of our life none other than our so-called friends. This sums up the absolutely exciting and lovely place near to Amravati, which is in Banur Madhya Pradesh known as Dharkhora. This is a slight combination to be visited for every kind of people, visitors and tourists. People of any age group will be pleased to be at this fun-loving spot experiencing the shine of nature. That is only in Dharkhora.

Journey to Dharkhora divine and heaven near to Amravati is of fun and entertainment when you are with your squad. It begins from Amravati city. In the city you will go through the square or areas in the city like Panchavati, Gadge Nagar, Rathi Nagar then Shegaon Naka or Kathora Naka, Navsari and Walgaon moving to Achalpur Paratwada the entry to Dharkhora, Paratwada was also called as Paltanwada Which comes under Amravati district itself.

The road from Paratwada to Dharkhora has some zigzag roads somewhere incline roads which are the routes to the hilly areas. Most importantly you will see the virtue of Satpura range and the mountains. Which are in Central India, specified to be a dense forest region. Can be seen with a variety of different kinds of Bird types. The name Satpura comes from Sanskrit word which elaborates Saat means Seven and Pura i.e Parvat means mountains. With a good amount of biodiversity. Variety of different kinds of trees like bamboos and other species.

In Dharkhora you will see a few and some of the remote parts and villages. With joyful surroundings, persons over Dharkhora are always ready to welcome you and attain you with all possible means who really deserve respect and honour. Seems to be a wealthy and rich gesture from nature-loving people to bring hopes and unconditional love, respect and loyalty. Rainfall in the Melghat region has caused many waterfalls in the Satpura Range to flow. This wonderful waterfall in Dharkhora adds cherry on the cake i.e adds to the beauty of Melghat.

Kalapani Lake, Chikhaldara

Towards the side where you move to the upper level, is a little and narrow road that promptly leads to the magnificent and breathtaking Kalapani Lake. Strolling and wandering somewhat more ahead will convey you to Shiv Sagar point. This is the point best and specially known for viewing the sunset. Kalapani Lake is encompassed by a beautiful setting of slopes, a woodland zone, along with wonderful scenic beauty. It is a perfect spot for viewing birds and spending some extra special quality time with family and loved ones.

Shakkar Lake (Sakkar taalab)

Shakkar Lake is on the way moving towards Gawilgarh fort. The water of this lake is used for the water supply office by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. There is also an arrangement of water boats also. The visitors or tourists can enjoy the Speed Boat, Pedal Boat, Scooter Boat and many more to explore.


Government Garden

The upper land area of Chikhaldara is having thick and dense trees, and locality of living people is minor and negligible. The government garden is in the upland. The garden is open for tourists from morning 8.00am to evening 7.00pm.

The ancient name is ‘Company Garden’. Because it was made by foreigners. Many years ago, Gawali people were situated in this garden region. But they migrated to the east side. This site is known as ‘Pandhari Village’ .
Various different flowers and plants are also there in this garden.

The swimming tank facility and provision is also provided by the ‘Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal’. The special area of this garden is rescue for the rose tree. Many more rare plants in cold air areas are also there. The mini train is the extra special attraction of this garden.

Wildlife Sancturies

Gugamal National Park

The Gugamal National Park, Amravati, Maharashtra is one of the most famed and famous national parks in the state of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is home to an extensive and different variety of rare animals and birds, including the tiger, crocodile, bison, wild pig, gawa, nilgai, wild deer, sambar and a host of migratory birds. There are a huge number of wildlife reserves in the state, which offer wonderful opportunities to watch rich and diverse wildlife amid natural settings.

The Gugamal National Park was assembled in 1974, and the park spans over an area of about 1673.93 square kilometers. Gugamal is prominent as one of the last remaining habitats of the Indian tiger species in Maharashtra.

The Melghat Tiger Reserve, of which the Gugamal National Park, forms the fundamental part, came to be delegated as a Sanctuary in 1975, in sight of the ecological, floral and faunal significance of the region.

The forest in the rocky and hilly area of Melghat is a typical Southern dry ephemeral forest. There are 750 types of plants in the region. There are 90 types of trees , 66 shrub species, 316 herb species, 56 climbers, 23 sedge species and 99 grass types. Overall 50-75 more types have been associated and some others are expected to be identified in the future at the Melghat Tiger Preserve.

Tectona grandis, Ain, Tiwas, Aola, Lendia, Dhawada, Kusum are the major tree species. Bamboo and Teak is widely expanded in the forests. The region is wealthy and rich in medicinal plants.

Fauna :

The area is wealthy and rich in wild mammals having Tiger, Panther, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Jackal, Hyena, wild pig, Chausinga, Sambar (largest Deer on earth) Gaur, Barking Deer, Ratel, Wolf, Flying squirrel, Cheetal (type of Deer), Nilgai, Wild Boar, Langur, Rhesus Monkey, and Macaque. Also having 25 species of fishes and many different varieties of butterflies.
Crocodiles were revived in a systematic manner in March 1990 and February 1991 in Siddu Kund in Ganga river closest to Dhakna and Hathnikund in the Dolar river in the Gugamal National Park.

The best time for visiting the park is from March to June.

Melghat Tiger Project, Chikhaldara

21 Best Places To Visit In Chikhaldara

The Melghat Tiger Reserve is in the northern region of the Amravati District, Maharashtra. It is one of the 9 tiger reserves associated with Project Tiger. It is accomplished on the Gawilgarh Hill, a southern side shot of the Satpura Hill Ranges of Central India. A hill forest area, the reserve has thick undergrowth and a majority of teak trees. Having 82 tigers and other animals like panthers, sloth bears, wild pig, sambar, wild bear, and wild dogs, the Melghat Tiger Project has a total region of around 1677 sq. km. One often spots eagles in Melghat.

This area is also a water harvesting forest as it lies in the catchment region of River Tapti. It supplies freshwater used by people in the vicinity.


This entire region is covered by dense and thick forests. Tectona grandis (teak) is the most easily and commonly found tree. Another associated types of teak are found throughout the forest – highlands or lowlands.


Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, sloth bear, wild pig, Ussuri dhole, Indian jackal, sambar, gaur, barking deer, nilgai, chital, chausingha, ratel, flying squirrel, wild boar, langur, rhesus monkey, porcupine, pangolin, mouse deer, python, otter and black-naped hare.

Places To Visit In Chikhaldara
best places to visit in chikhaldara

Places to Visit in Melghat

The area is home to the Gavilgad Fort and Narnala Fort. There are some waterfalls as well, including Pancha Dhara waterfall.

Vairat or Sunset Point is the tallest natural point in Chikhaldara. Panchbol Point, Hariken Point, Mozari Point, Prospect Point, Devi Point, Malviya point and Sunrise Point also have fantastic and excellent views, amongst others on Makhala Road.

Bhimkund (Kitchakdari), Vairat Devi, Bir Dam, Kalapani Dam, Mahadev Mandir, Semadoh Tiger Project, Goraghat, Shakkar Lake, Government Garden, Dharkhura, Bakadari and Kolkaz are a few other attractions in the reserve.

How to Reach

The nearby airport is Nagpur Airport, 250km away.
Shahnur Railway Station is near to the village of Akola.
Chikhaldara, Semadoh, Kolkas and Harisal are the villages around the reserve region. The closest railway station to reach these villages is Amravati Railway Station.
Local State Buses are there from both cities to the villages in the reserve.

MTDC organises excursions to the reserve.
ActivitiesDay & Night trip or Safari, Adventure Sports, Nature Trail, Cycling, Trekking, Water Sport, Kayaking, Elephant Safari & Hiking are some activities that you can sign up for. Camping and trekking services, helping hand can be taken up at the Semadoh Tourist Centre.

Entry: Adult – INR 40, Child – INR 15, Jeep or Car – INR 100
For Camera Use: INR 200-250
Guide or Safari: INR 300


There are various places to stay or lodging options in Melghat, especially in Chikhaldara, Semadoh, Shahnur and Harisal. It is suggested to book in advance.

Semadoh Tiger Project

The Tiger Project was started in the year 1973 at Melghat. Most of the region of forest is covered under this project. The region of this Tiger Project is on of the best places to visit in Chikhaldara expanded from Narnala Fort up to Dhakana, Semadhoh, Raipur, Doma. The 25kms lengthy road , from Chikhaldara to Semadhoh is going through the intense, deep, heavy & dense forest. We can feel fresh, when we just go through that road . We can see wild animals like Tiger, Peacock, Dear, Wolf, Pig Gourus etc. when we go through that way.

The Tiger Project Resort is Located at semadoh. At the very affordable and cheapest rate it is available for tourism and visitors. The Museum is at a resort. The slide show or a presentation on the wild animal is available there.

There is a mini bus arrangement at 4 o’clock in the evening and at 5 o’clock in the early morning for wandering into the reserved region of the forest. You have to pay some money as per their fare for this minibus. In this reserved region of forest we can see various wild animals like Leopard, Tiger, Pig, Beer, Wild Buffalo, Deer, Wolf, Snakes and various Birds.

 Time and Best Places To Visit In Chikhaldara
Oct – Feb: Cool and refreshing. Temperature in Dec-Jan Period is well down 10 deg C. Winter Clothing is necessary with you.
March – Middle of June: Warm in the day and cool in the evenings. Comfortable summer clothing. But carrying a jacket or shawl is advisable for nights.
July – Sept: Monsoon Time. Carrying rain gear is recommended. Also advisable to carry warm clothing for the evening if it is possible.
Keeping in mind that it is a forest region, wearing bright or light clothing is not recommended. Earthy or pastel shades are best suited and especially required for the wild-life Safari.

Chikhaldara Festival (Mahotsav)

Best  Places To Visit In Chikaldara organizes its own festival each and every year in the month of December or Jan. The festival contains a lot of activities, cultural events and adventure activities such as Paragliding, rock climbing, hiking, trekking. The local people show off their hand created art and artifacts also. Numerous numbers of visitors visit this place. The visitors are well treated and the event is well managed by the localides.

Do Boating, horse riding, photography, jungle safari, etc.
There are many eye-catching places in and around the town. Chikhaldara is located in Melghat-Kolkas Wildlife Sanctuary and also Project Tiger, hence affording an outstanding opportunity for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Semadoh and Dhakna are two places where one can enjoy a jungle safari and tiger noticing after getting registered at the Forest Department Office. Gypsies or traveler and safari advisors or guides are also available at these places.

Local Food and Cuisine of Chikhaldara

There are many local dhabas that sell clean and good cuisine. Most of the hotels provide hygienic cuisine as well.


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