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Art of Spices In Delhi
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Arts of Spices In Delhi

Art of Spices In Delhi

Art of Spices In Delhi


Art of Spices in Delhi serves a variety of breads and North Indian dishes to satisfy hungry tummies. Must-try items here are Chicken Malay Roll, Cheese Roll, Double Egg Roll and main dishes like Biryani, Dal Makhani and various Parathas. If you have never tried Mughlai cuisine, you should book a table at this restaurant. Art of Spices in Delhi will serve you delicious chicken wraps, butter chicken and steamed buns. Art of Spices in Delhi is famous for its delicious wines. 

Art of Spices in Delhi

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Art of Spices in Delhi place offers healthy meals perfect for those who like to dine on the go. Most guests say the staff is strong. Good service is what customers love. Low cost is what you pay for your meal. If you haven't tried eating delicious food while enjoying the beauty then come here and experience the beauty. According to Google rating this restaurant gets 4 points. Art of Spices is a popular place for shopping and is famous for its Mughlai food. This place has a variety of veg and non veg rolls. It can fill your stomach for less than Rs 150. But this Art of Spices in Delhi charges extra for mayonnaise, which I don't like at all! If you're serving rolls, of course people will get some mint sauce or mayonnaise, and you should give that away for free, just enough to dip our rolls in. Also the rolls are great. The venue also accepts cash by card. If you haven't tried their rolls yet! Then I recommend everyone to at least try this place because after eating their pastries, I'm sure you will become one of their customers.


Art of Spices In Delhi

There are varieties of vegetable rolls :-

One of the favorite things about their pastries is the prantha they use, it is very nice and one roll is enough to satisfy your hunger.All must-visit places in Karol Bagh.Art of Spices in Delhi lives up to its name and knows how to mix spices in the right proportions to bring out the best flavour.Ask anyone in Karol Bagh and they will tell you where you can have the best Kathi in the area. My love for Casey's Rolls led me to this place two years ago, and since then I've been going blindly whenever I want a spicy snack.Easy to find behind the city hospital. In fact, this place is always crowded and you will see many people queuing up to enjoy their delicious rolls. My personal favorites are the Chicken Malay Tikkati Roll and the Double Egg Aloe Vera Roll. They are just from this world.

Aboout Art of Spices in Delhi :-

Art of Spices In Delhi 

Don't expect this to be a fancy place, it's just a small shop and you have to stand at the counter to eat, but I'm sure the breads are worth it for the little stress.Finger licking roller at a very affordable price; What more could you want? Art of Spices in Delhi is very exciting and I recommend you go there at least once, otherwise you will definitely be doing a good thing. Go today!
Art of Spices in Delhi is a small discount store on the other side of Karol Bagh mall. The normal restaurant has a wide variety of dishes. But most people come here to eat arguably the best sandwich in town. Once you bite into one of their rolls, you will be transported to the banks of the Hooghly river in no time.

About the restaurant and food :-

There is no seating at this location. And there are no tables outside where you can stand and eat. Eating is just a simple affair as the menu here consists mostly of rolls. Most people come in, eat quickly and leave. Others choose to park their cars and go inside. There is a counter in front where you can place your order. Once the order is placed, the cooking process begins. The roll is made in front of you and the process is very fast. Your rolls are ready in a short time. The price is very reasonable. The second roll is thicker mainly due to the extra layer of egg to cook. Delhi's food culture now leans more towards fried foods. However, the outer layer of the roll (e.g. roti) should not be crispy. There will be crunchiness in some places or places, but not all. The core should be filled with spices. And all the preparation shouldn't take time. So Art of Spice ticks all the right boxes. There's something wrong with the perfect place to enjoy a roll. They have a home delivery menu that is equally good but has received a lot of bad reviews. There are also compatibility issues. Like most eateries in Art of Spices in Delhi, cleanliness is easy to see here. Vegetarians should pay special attention to the mixture of vegetables and non-veg, which is completely ignored. All the resulting waste (like napkins and diaper rolls) is thrown onto the street, not even into the trash. Go directly to the road. When the authorities turn a blind eye to this, it becomes difficult for the government to "protect India".place in your hearts (if it hasn’t already) with sumptuous dishes like Mutton Egg Roll, Double Egg Double Chicken Roll, Chicken Tenders, Kathi Rolls, Soya Chaap Roll, Veg Rolls and LOADS of more dishes to leave you spoilt for choice

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