PM Modi announce ‘Janta Carfew’ on 22 march for the reason of COVID-19, coronavirus Because at this time corona disease increasing day by day and any doctor does not discover any medicine. They are very case sensitive and infected virus for that reason people emerge to a disease of corona virus.

The ‘Janta curfew ’ are one of the best way to vanish, avoid increasing the quantity of corona disease, This is a main goal of PM Narendra Modi Announce the ‘Janta Curfew’ from 7 am to 9pm. On 22 March, they should lay off medicine and try to abandon the virus.


Corona are nothing but the virus it emerge in china nation before one month. These Coronavirus are infectious disease, this is the actual reason for spread this disease, most of the country people to blow this virus.

This virus build on the china doctors but  co-incidently  pull out to ailment people are arrive to microorganism.

PM Modi said About Janta Carfew

Modi said the world is passing through a “major” situation which is worse than any World War. Acquiesce to Indian Council of Medical Research .India is still in stage 2 of disease transmission. He was request to 130 CR Indian. He also stressed on the need to avoid panic buying and assured that the government was taking all steps to ensure that supply of essential commodities was not disrupted.

Every human beings are support to ‘Janta Carfew’ if abetting time all Indian should be fight to coronavirus, every person responsibility to support a ‘Janta Curfew’ possiable to defeat the coronavirus.