Introduction On During This Pandemic-effect on environment 



During This Pandemic-effect on environment , The global outbreak meaning of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is affecting every part of human lives, including the physical world. The measures taken to control the spread of the virus, the slowdown of economic activities have significant effects on the environment. Therefore, this study intends to explore the positive, and negative environmental impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, by reviewing the available scientific literature.

This study indicates that- the pandemic situation significantly improves air quality in different cities across the world(reduces GHGs emissions, lessens water pollution and noise ) reduces the pressure on tourist destinations, which may assist with the restoration of the ecological system. Hence, this study also outlines possible ways to achieve long-term environmental benefits. It is expected that the proper implementation of the proposed strategies might be helpful for global environmental sustainability. 

Due to the pandemic, various changes happen in the world like balancing nature, reducing waste (garbage, plastic bags, fruit-vegetable waste), reducing air pollution, and reducing road transport or traffic is the main reason for reducing noise pollution.

The pandemic outbreak shows the type of earthquake in people’s lives. This outbreak shows the prescription of upcoming challenges. the outbreak of coronavirus disease-2019 (CORONAVIRUS) first emerged at the end of December 2019, from the Hunan seafood market in Wuhan City of China. and declared as an international public health emergency in a couple of weeks by the WHO. Although the intermediate source of origin and transfer to humans is not clearly known, or rapidly increasing human-to-human transmission capability of this virus is established. The Global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 is affecting every part of human lives, including the physical world

Classification of virus stages spreading sector

  • Outbreak meaning:- spreading sector virus in two or more districts and cities (under state) Ex. Smallpox & other
  • Epidemic meaning:-  Spreading sector virus in two or more states (under country) Ex. Novel pathogen, Polio & other
  • Pandemic meaning:-  Spreading sector virus in all over the country or another country also. Ex. COVID-19, 1918 Spanish Flu, H1N1 flu & other

The Covid-19 belongs to the pandemic virus category which is known as a heavy spreader of diseases. In the last few days, many more deaths and virulent cases have been reported in hospitals. During phase -1 and phase-2  FDA and CDSCO warn, and alert of pandemic emergencies on national or international media.

Symptoms Of Covid-19


Dry cough
Loss of taste and smell
Treatment For Covid-19

Drinking warm water.
Wear a mask on your mouth.
Maintain social distancing.
Use sanitizer. 
Don’t share personal items with others.
Take rest and drink water to maintain adequate operation .

During This Pandemic-effect on environment

The impacts of covid-19 contain various changes on human life and the environment. That is positive or negative but the covid-19 pandemic is measuredly responsible for these changes. Some things show that a pandemic helps the environment to balance. But some time due to biological, chemical, and physical waste pollution may increase. Parameter show equal-equal characteristics in a pandemic, then see how its work,


Positive Impact during This Pandemic-effect on environment
  1. Reducing Air Pollution:- Due to the covid-19 pandemic all over the world industries and factories get stopped or closed.  The basic reason for reducing air pollution. Breaking chains of transportation, daily traffic, export, and import play an important role to reduce air pollution. 50% reduction of N2O and CO occurs due to the shutdown of heavy industries in China.
  2. Reduction Of Water Pollution:-  Water pollution is a common phenomenon of a developing country like (India, Bangladesh) where domestic, and industrial wastes are dumped into rivers without treatment. During the lockdown period, the major industrial sources of pollution have shrunk or completely stopped, which helped to reduce the pollution load. Moreover, owing to the reduction of export-import business or the movement of merchant ships, and other vessels may be reduced globally. which also reduces emissions as well as marine pollution.
  3. Reducing Noise Pollution:- Noise pollution is the elevated levels of sound, generated from different human activities (e.g., machines, vehicles, construction work), which may lead to adverse effects in humans, and other living organisms. Due to the lack of appearance of people on the road, heavy traffic does not occur. Which is also a reason for noise pollution.
Negative Impact during This Pandemic-effect on environment
  1. Increasing biomedical waste:- Due to Covid-19 cases various types of disease are occurring, That may be known or unknown. To stop unwanted deaths and increasing patients of covid-19. The medical department works 24/7 hours at hospitals. Due to this work, large amounts of biomedical waste occur that can harm our nature. Because increasing biomedical waste makes it impossible for the decomposition process. For sample collection of the suspected COVID-19 ( patients, diagnosis- treatment of huge numbers of patients) disinfection purpose lots of infectious, and biomedical wastes are generated from hospitals.
  2. Municipal waste:- Due to increasing municipal waste ( organic and inorganic ) that may harm environmental factors, like air, water, soil. Due to the pandemic, quarantine policies established in many countries have led to increasing the demand for online shopping for home delivery. which ultimately increases the number of household wastes from shipped package materials. However, the increase in waste is responsible for the negative impact on the environment.         

These are positive and negative important active parameters of Covid-19 which are directly related to the environment. This parameter can vary about environmental impact and how the world is going through which problems or how we can study from the incident, this is important.