CORONA VIRUS: Reduced Samples Test are Positive, Counting rises to 43 in Amravati, Maharashtra.

Currently, Active corona cases in Amravati city are 43 as seven patients have died of the pandemic and four had been discharged after recovery, as the collector said.

In   Amravati city where there was only few patients days back but suddenly the number of deaths and the corona positive patients have been increased.

Up till now the number of deaths in Amravati is seven followed by the report of a 72 year old man who died on April 24 has returned positive on Monday.

There are also two men’s who are under 20’s also tested positive for novel corona virus on Monday, Now the total count of Amravati District has gone up to 43.

Hence, the Number of corona cases in Amravati which are active stands 40 as seven patients had died of the global pandemic but four patients which are recovered have been discharged, as collector Mr. Naval said.

” Another one patient from the area where are the majority of patients coming i.e. 50 year old paan vendor from kanwar nagar, who was having high temperature fever and had cold and cough from the past few days, from the private hospital to COVID-19 hospital at morning where he takes his last breath. He has also tested positive and area of kanwar nagar is sealed and the area is being sanitized”

The daily increase of the corona cases not stop here on 30 April at 12.32 pm three people tested positive which include 1 female of 78 years, and two men of 48 and 47 years.

Till now 43 peoples are tested positive because on 30 April at 5.11pm total corona cases rise up to 43. As kolhapuri gate and haidarpura area corona cases detected there are 12.

Total swab samples are 1221 in which 43 are positive and 900 are negative and 274 are suspended.

Area Positive Deaths Recover Under Treatment
Hathipura 05 01 04 00
Haidarpura 05 01 00 04
Kamela ground 05 01 00 04
Tarkheda 04 01 00 03
Patipura 01 01 00 00
Badnera 02 00 00 02
Hanuman nagar, 05 00 00 05
Taaj nagar 01 01 00 00
Naalsaabpura 04 00 00 03
Kanwar nagar 03 00 00 03
Chetandaas bagicha 01 00 00 00
Kata supriya nagar, walgaon 01 00 00 00
Kolhapuri gate 06 00 00 05
Yusuf nagar 01 01 00 00
TOTAL 43 07 04 32


Conclusion- Hence the collector has closed the vegetable market to break the chain of the Corona virus till May 3. Hence, we should follow the guidelines of the government and maintain social distancing, wear mask and make use of handkerchief when we cough or sneeze. We should   obey   this   habit   as   a   part   of   our   daily   routine.  And   most importantly we should use hand sanitizer daily and wash our hands.