There is an illusion that only creative people can enter the field of advertising or career opportunity as an advertising professional which is totally wrong. Good advertisements are always engaging, they are based on insight and are strategically consistent.

Advertising is multidimensional. It is a form of non-personal communication, an effective marketing tool, a component of the economic system, a means of financing the mass media, a social institution and an important field of employment and a profession.

Today we are surrounded all around with advertisements and can not escape looking at them or listing them. Advertising is all-pervasive in this digital age. Whether we are reading a newspaper or a magazine, or listening to the radio or watching television or working on the internet we come across thousands of advertisements daily.

According to one research, we come across more than 1600 advertisements daily. Thus, advertising is a part of our everyday lives and is a part of the cultural and economic fabric of society. It grows in concert with a dynamic and advanced economy.

Advertising start when somebody had something to sell and there was somebody else who wanted to buy that particular product. A way had to be found to bring the seller and buyer closer to effect a sale and to clinch a deal. This required some form of communication between the two and this form of promotion was advertising. With technological progress, trade and commerce expanded, the entire activity of producing goods and services required different intellectual disciplines and institutional structures.

Thus, advertising can be defined as the dissemination of information through a variety of mass communication media to motivate the desired action. Thus, advertising is not free. It involves buying space in the newspaper, magazines, or online portals or television. Through this paid for space or time, information is disseminated. Advertiser no longer identifies customers by households but by demographics and the heavy users of specific products within various customer segments.

The advertising industry consists of huge job opportunities for students and there are many career options available in this area. From joining an advertising agency to being an advertiser, working for media, or ancillary services and as free-lancers advertising field gives many career options. Each of these constituents offers lucrative career options to prospective students.

Some of the major career options available in this area are:

1) Advertiser: All major advertiser i.e. manufacturers, distributors, public sector companies or government assert an advertising department. The advertising manager reports to the Chief Executive or Director Marketing or to the Divisional Head. He is responsible for managing with agencies and the media. He takes the part in campaign planning and media planning. He/she gives the necessary briefing to the Accounts Executive of the advertising agency. She/he gets the point of purchase material prepared and also is behind sales promotions and vending or traffic.

2) Advertising Agencies: An ad agency is a team of experts nominated by clients to plan, produce and place advertising campaigns in the media. In India, we have large advertising agencies such as Ogilvy and Mathers, JWT, Hindustan Thompson Associates, etc. Some of the ad agencies are global in nature and have a business in many countries.

Some of the career courses in an advertising agency are:

a. Advertising Account Executive: It is like a key career option in an advertising agency. Account Executives a link or column between the client and the advertising agency.

b. Copywriters: Copywriters or creatives are the wordsmiths who do the wording of an advertisement. They induce the written words or ‘copy’ for advertisements. This could be anything from slogans and text for printed ads and leaflets, to radio jingles and scripts for TV commercials.

c. Visualizers: These are artists who put on paper what has been thought out by the copywriter. They in fact design the ad.

d. Creative Director: He justifies copywriting and designing. He is a senior professional who is seasoned in an existing advertising agency set-up to take up this mantle.

3) The Media: Many career options and space are now available in space selling or marketing departments of media for prospective candidates.

4) Ancillary Services: They are needed to produce/create the advertisement. A whole range of services like studio services, printing services, photographic services, gift items falls into this category.

5) Free-Lancers: These are professionals who work independently and have a successful track record.