NASA warns that the Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2) could hit our Mother Earth in April 2020 and may cause catastrophic danger.

 NASA that the next month on April 29,2020 it could be a disastrous day or may be a fearful day. But What will really gone to be happen on 29th April 2020?

Will an asteroid hit Earth?

A large Asteroid will be expected to pass by earth but that’s not breathtaking as it will be pass approximately 4 million miles away from Earth distance. That may be very much Interesting for the stargazers.

But most of the media outlets wrote headlines about this incoming asteroid as it could hit the Earth. And can cause a greater harm to the humanity and nature of Earth.

An article on twitter has headlines and that was “Asteroid warning; NASA tracks a 4KM asteroid approach, could end civilization if it hits.” But yes of course this headline may bring more and more click as everybody is interested in this because it is an interesting topic,

but it may also be let false believe that the asteroid may poses an immediate threat to life on Planet. But that isn’t the case.

While, NASA reveals that an Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2) will approach Earth in late April 2020, and it has also explain that the asteroid will not expected to come within 3.9 million miles of Earth.

While Apart from this NASA is constantly monitoring the skies for asteroids and meteors that pose a potential threat to the Earth. NASA try to find out that how fast will they travel, how large they are, and how close they will get.

But hence while the asteroid of this size would cause a very huge damage if it hits, there is practical no chance that will happen in April 2020. As NASA points out that the asteroid won’t come within 3.9 million miles of Earth. It approaches no closer than about 16 times the distance between us and the moon.

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