Amravati’s famous food

Amravati is a peaceful city, also known as one of India’s ease of living places, situated in the Central part of India in Maharashtra State. I am living here since my childhood. let’s check out Amravati’s famous food. You will find lots of street food in sandwiches and Panipuri.

Nariyal Pani is also something you will find easily. Bakery goods like waffles and pancakes can be found in a lot of cafes, and the concept of brunch is well established. The cold coffee by the name kukka is awesome also the cafes generally serve pasta, nachos, and sizzlers.

While it is well known for the multitude of eateries it has, the most commonplace and loved dish is Gilawada almost every Amravatikar swears by its lip-smacking taste of it.

There are many hotels where we can get delicious food, which also is a specialty of Amravati. Likewise, we see different hotels as per their specialty.

There are many cafes and restaurants and ice cream centers.

which is Amravati’s famous food?

As I already told you above about it, it’s none other than Gila Vada also let me tell you and you already know how children do avoid such cereals and pulses.
But when it comes to Gila Vada, the things are exactly opposite; Children love it and Guys it is made up of urad dal. Well we are Indians and we need more in everything as we give more about everything, thus it serves with red chili chutney and yogurt.

Well, it’s a Popularly known place Etwara Bajar, it is a small-scale market known for its fruits and vegetables. A lot of its shops are predominantly selling leather products. This one’s a one-stop destination for shopping in the city and is particularly famous for traditional vegetables and fruits only.
Sharpe masala is also one of the specialties in the city.
1. Bhojan Samrat Masala
2. Phool Chap Masala
3. pickles: mango lemon etc.
and many other spices are available in Sony masala products.

Which sweet is famous in Amravati?

Well, most people have sweet tooth, so here it comes; Raghu veer sweets is one of the most famous sweet shops in the city. They have also now opened branches in other cities, all over Maharashtra it is most famous for its Namkeen. Their sweets are also very good including Jalebi, Coconut wadi, and Rajgira wadi.
Since we have been talking specifically about food products, here is a list of products that I know of, which are famous in Amravati.

1. Cake and cookies Manbhari
2. All sorts of Chiwdas and Namkin from Raghu Veer
3. Sandwiches and burgers Panino
4. Cold coffee and sandwiches Jamnas
5. Coffee Nescafe
6. New options icy-n-spicy
These items are generally the ones that people get from Amravati whenever they visit.
Well, it was all about the restaurant and cafes stuff but the real taste comes later and it’s all about The Street Food.

Amravati is a city in India. The city cuisine involves many delicious and mouth-watering food items which are the main cuisine as well as the instant snack and the street food items. Foodies take a great interest in Amravati cuisine.

The famous food items of Amravati are :

Here’s a list of the most popular food joints that serve delicious

  • Bhelpuri
  • Vada Pav
  •  Pithla Bhakri
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Sandwich
  • Burger
  • Budhani Wafers [potato wafers]
  • Bakarwadi
  • Cold-pressed peanut oil and Peanut chutney
  • Sabudana Khichdi.


Some famous places for street food

  • There are many famous foods in Amravati. I am listing down a few traditional/ common foods which are very unique and part of the Maharashtrian cuisine. With many restaurants offering authentic Maharashtrian food on their menu, you can get these in restaurants as well. I have also shared links to my Instagram account to view certain foods. spice kitchen Gauri inn hotel – special 31st hotel
  • Chanakya bar and restaurant
  • Lali Prashant Nagar

I can recommend the Hotel road, Amravati where you can savor most of the dishes mentioned above. Let me know if you get to try out these dishes there!!

Other noted street foods in Amravati include,

❏ Gilawada and kachori – Manish, sakkarsat
❏ Sambharwadi- Raghu Vir, Roshni
❏ Samosa- roshani
❏ Rasmalai – Raghu Vir
❏ Panipuri – Irvin sq.Neelam.
❏ Dosa – south kitchen
❏ Dahi puri n chat item – Yadav.
❏ Dhaba’s – Sandhu Dhaba (Badnera)
❏ Non-veg. – Warhadi that (rahatgaon), al-Bashir, Abdullah., davit(Malviya sq.)
❏ Panjabrao Patil Dhaba – (Paratwada).
❏ Premacha chaha- Gadge Nagar, Shyam sq.,
❏ Chaha- govt poly Saicha Chaha
❏ Tandoori chaha – Maska café.
❏ Fishes- al-Karim
❏ Chinees center – Prashant Nagar,
❏ CCD, Nescafe, hangout club-pub
❏ Gola center- Nayan Gola, Gola gupshup
❏ Koshalya – kachori samosa
❏ Tahsil- shiv shakti
❏ Kanhaiya hotel- late-night food available
❏ Arjun Nagar chaupati, kathora to shegaon road chaupati, sainagar chaupati.
❏ Jaistambh- Bharat chat
❏ Chicken- lala chickenwala(panchavati,khadim shop)
❏ Veg business class- Amantran, Adarsh, lords, mehfil in,vandu international
❏ For ice crème: there is zero degree and naturals are available these are specifically for ice crème.
❏ For sandwiches and coffee: there is jamnas café, Panino, meet and melt chocolate heaven.
❏ Popular cafes: 1. Prashant Nagar


So, without further ado, choose what you want and let your taste bud enjoy some of the finest dishes of Amravati.

This place of bliss is truly a magical place for not just aspirers but foodies. Its cultural diversity is what attracts people, which can be seen in the city’s offers. Whether it’s Muslim, Sindhi, or Maharashtra, there are several dishes to eat in Amravati with countless flavors, colors, and textures. One can easily taste the true flavors of Amravati’s best dishes without even worrying about the pockets.

These are all about the foods in Amravati.
I hope this will help you guys.
Let me know if u try these !!!

Thank you!

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