Ambadevi temple Amravati

Ambadevi Temple, at Gandhi Square, is located in the center that is in the heart of the city of Amravati. Lord Krishna is said to have abducted her from here and married her thereafter. Goddess Amba attracts innumerable devotees from all over the state who throng the temple during the festivals of Navratri and Dussehra. Along with the festive celebrations, a huge fair is organized on the temple grounds.

Ambanagari is another name for Amravati, a city of immense religious and cultural importance in Maharashtra. It is also called the cultural capital of the Vidarbha region. It is also famous for being the city of Lord Indra and houses various temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and Goddess Ambadevi. Amravati is a place immersed in history and culture. It boasts of colorful traditions, rich culture, and an infectious spiritual fervor. There is no dearth of places to visit in Amravati. The moment you step foot here, the place will overwhelm you with its irresistible charm. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience.

Amravati is the second most populated city in the Vidarbha region, just after Nagpur. Besides the temples and other places of religious and spiritual relevance, Amravati is also known for its Varhadi cuisines. The people here are high on life. Every festival here is celebrated with a lot of excitement. Situated amidst the dense greenery of the Vidarbha region, Amravati is fast catching the attention of travelers from all over the country. Amravati is fast developing into an educational and industrial hub and has ceased to be a sleepy Indian village. However, despite the commercialization, Amravati still exudes an irresistible charm that would make you fall in love with it in a heartbeat. 

Ekvira Devi Temple Amravati

Ekvira Devi Temple is not very far from Ambadevi Temple situated in Amravati. It is dedicated to Ekvira Devi (goddess) and in 1660 it was constructed by the son of Shri Janardan Swami. It is believed that Ekvira Devi is an incarnation of Shakti. One can either hire a taxi, auto, or a rickshaw to reach the temple or can climb uphill to attain darshan, trekking experience makes the visit to this place very enjoyable and adventurous. This place is visited by a huge number of people every year during festivities ( like Navrathri ). Well-conditioned accommodations were available near the temple itself, which provide all the necessary facilities. The best time to visit this place is during the months from October to March. Enjoy the experience of being here.

This temple is believed to be built by Paramhans Shri Janardan Swami Maharaj or his son in memory of his father. Legends say that roughly 500 years ago, Janardan Swami used to live in this region. He was a devoted worshipper of Goddess Amba and used to visit Ambadevi Temple every day to offer his prayers. During those days, a stream used to flow beside the Ambadevi Temple, which had to be crossed to reach the temple area.

Once this stream was too much flooded due to Monsoon, it became difficult for Janardan Swami to cross. Goddess Amba saw her devotee in such distress and offering his prayers from the other side of the stream. She herself came down on Earth in a different human form and an arrow miraculously appeared signifying the presence of the Goddess. This form of Amba Mata is thought to be Ekvira Devi and the temple of her was built at the place where the arrow hit the ground. 

During the nine days of Navratri, Shri Ekvira Devi Temple witnesses a huge tourist rush every year. A fair takes place in front of the temple complex from Asvin Suddha Pratipada to Dasami (for nine days). This temple is 1.8 Km from Amravati Railway station and autos and local taxis are available for a drop to this temple.